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  1. Popsicles

    Freya is hospitalized

    sometimes bunnies do better with eating and pooping at home (less stressful) so vets might send them home if they aren’t eating well in clinic, with the option to return if no improvement at home. Realistically they should charge for any medication or care - it will be costing them, and it’s...
  2. Popsicles

    Rabbit Sick?

    Everything @JBun said! Additionally, teeth root problems are another possible cause of eye/nose problems so definitely best to get checked out.
  3. Popsicles

    Traveling with a bun?

    It really depends on your bun’s personality, mine regularly travelled back and forth to uni with me and wasn’t phased, but plenty would be. If it’s something you are considering I would take your bunny on some shorter car trips at first to assess how he reacts and get him used to it.
  4. Popsicles

    Bunny head tilt much worse after Vet, now having seizures! Please help!

    Just to play devils advocate, it might be related to the medication but also may be related to the stress of the vet visit sparking something that was already brewing. Just a thought. Definitely advise to see another vet as an emergency.
  5. Popsicles

    Uneaten hay

    Leaving hay out shouldn’t cause a problem (as long as it doesn’t go mouldy etc) but you may find your bunny is less interested in it when it isn’t “fresh”.
  6. Popsicles

    Bonding and spaying (question)

    Just wanted to add in, even if her reproductive tract is still underdeveloped, at her age it isn’t going to develop any further so really needs to be removed whatever it looks like, especially as it seems the ovaries are working well enough to cause behavioural changes!
  7. Popsicles

    How to get them to eat new hay

    I think mixing your old hay and new hay and gradually transitioning is the best option. If you don’t have any old hay left possibly try getting another brand of Timothy hay if that seems to be their preferred type. I would also cut down on pellets temporarily so they don’t opt to gorge on them...
  8. Popsicles

    Is my rabbit fat?

    Weight isn’t a great way of determining if they are fat or not sue to such variation in size, coat thickness, full tummies, etc. If you’re worried about weight it should hopefully go down in the summer, but maybe try cutting down the fresh veg, it is less important than the hay (and pellets).
  9. Popsicles

    Growth on Lip

    I agree, see a vet .
  10. Popsicles

    Wild Rabbit with severe eye trauma

    No, vets are just realistic. It is not good welfare to keep a wild animal in captivity for a long time to “heal”, when they still might not survive long in the wild if not 100% healthy. Best to be seen by a vet sooner rather than later.
  11. Popsicles


    Well where did you get them from in the first place? And how many rabbits do you have that you need to vaccinate them so often? The vaccine dates are there for a reason - they may well still work but you won’t know for sure.
  12. Popsicles

    Cage Liners

    Second vote here for lino!
  13. Popsicles

    Advice on rabbit housing during a vacation.

    It’s very dependent on your rabbits personalities how well they will cope with change. They will be better off for the fact they have each other, And usually these places will let you bring your own water bowls, hides etc, to make it as familiar for them as possible. If they have great reviews...
  14. Popsicles

    Free Roam/ stairs?

    My rabbit is great at going up the stairs but too scared to go back down, so we have had to put a baby gate at the bottom to prevent her going up and getting stuck while we are out.
  15. Popsicles

    Rabbit Enrichment

    I use a treat ball for my bun when she gets her pellets, keeps her busy for about 3 minutes as opposed to 30 seconds haha. The clothesline looks great, good idea! Have you tried providing a digging box? Some people use earth or sand, I just use shredded paper in a cardboard box as I don’t have...
  16. Popsicles

    Bunny can't use back legs

    I would look at getting a second opinion, with a more rabbit savvy vet. Depending on your finances/insurance you could go for a CT. But if not, you’re right it may be temporary damage and the fact it improves with anti inflammatory medication is a good sign. Are you giving metacam at home too...
  17. Popsicles

    My bunnys eye is irritated, need advice!

    Great news and well done for flushing the eye out so quickly, sounds like you prevented any worse damage! For future reference, I wouldn’t use eye drops without a vet checking them over first, as if they have damage to the cornea or an ulcer certain drops can be very dangerous to use.
  18. Popsicles

    Refrigerating PenG Procaine

    Please go and see a vet.
  19. Popsicles

    Is getting another rabbit a bad idea?

    Exactly my thoughts, if you can’t afford a spay you can’t afford sick bunnies, so save your money and keep it aside for your current bunny in case of emergency.
  20. Popsicles

    Vet costs, WTH?

    Vet bills are dependent on so many factors; most of what you pay goes into the actual running of the practice. So, depending on the facilities, vet bills will include upkeep and maintenance of equipment, cost of drugs, electricity bills, ground rent, paying for cleaners, receptionists, VCAs, vet...