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  1. MellowsMum

    Eating standard poops

    Hey All, I’ll start with saying I was a moron when I got my baby Mellow (free roam house bun) I was uneducated and inexperienced in the world of buns. I got Mellow from a pet shop, we brought everything they advised. We struggled with her when we first her. She would not be picked up and...
  2. MellowsMum


    Hope your bunny is doing ok! 😩😩😩
  3. MellowsMum

    Grooming tip bun that won’t be held!

    Hey all, mid you have seen my previous posts you’ll know I have a spicy little bun ironically called Mellow. Mellow won’t be picked up not will she stay still for groom or tolerate the feel of a brush. The vets have tried for me but they bearly mange to hold her for her nail trim let alone a...
  4. MellowsMum

    My cat attacked my rabbit

    Was the cat declawed recently?
  5. MellowsMum

    Facial fur - now different textures??

    Thank you all for the responses - I’ve spent a lot of time stroking her face and looking at the fur. She doesn’t seem to be in pain and there’s no mites with this and your responses I’ll stop stressing! Thanks
  6. MellowsMum

    Facial fur - now different textures??

    Hey All, I hope you are all well. I’ve come back from a 3 week holiday, Mellow stayed home and my gfs sister moved in for the 3 weeks. This means she stayed free roam and in her own space to minimise disruption. Before we went away Mellow got scared by a car beeping the horn right outside...
  7. MellowsMum

    Thank you from me and Mellow!

    Hey All, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that helped out on my threads over the last few weeks. My rather sassy bun Mellow had her spay and you all helped with my questions and concerns. We just got back from the vets and she’s been given the all clear to free roam the...
  8. MellowsMum

    Spay after care - reduced space for a spicy free roamer

    Hey All, Many thanks to the people that have supported me with advice after Mellow super stressful visit to the vets for her spay. So Mellow had her Spay 2 days ago. She takes her meds each morning by them being squirted on to fruit and veg. Her recovery has been great (fingers crossed it...
  9. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    Thanks for the tip! it’s-something I’ll try after she’s healed up potentially.
  10. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    Thanks for the tip! It’s nice to know Mellows not the only spiced bun out there! If I do have to pick her up I’ll try the head covering. Thanks.
  11. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    I feel super relieved this morning. I checked on her a few times in the night and she seemed fine. I got up early and prepped a bowl of coriander and small apple bits. I tried her with the syringe first and she had none of it. I put the meds on the apple and greens and she ate it all...
  12. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    Thank you both so much for the hints and tips! Having picked her up just now I had an interesting chat with the vets. They say she is one of the most spicy buns they have ever met. None of them could pick her up and may of them now have scratches, they said even the burrito technique didn’t...
  13. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    Thanks for the response. I’ve had the call to say she’s awake and I can collect her soon. I have read through your answers and thanks for them. I’m hoping she takes the pain meds well. I’m going to take things nice and slow with her. I’m hoping one day she will let me pick her up. I...
  14. MellowsMum

    The rabbit who won’t be picked up - being spayed today.

    Hey All, I guess I’m here hoping for some help or insight. So I have a bunny called Mellow. She was born in November. I got her in January. I brought her from pets at home, I now understand I should not have gone there and won’t again As their animal welfare standards are shocking -...
  15. MellowsMum

    How long do I do with out feeding ‘nice things’

    Hey All, I have realised my rabbit is not eating 80% hay. It’s prob much more 50% hay. She gets an egg cup of nugs at night and the same again in the morning. She then gets a cup of greens at night and the same in the morning. I want to increase how much hay she eats. What’s the next...
  16. MellowsMum

    Spay aftercare

    Thank you for the information
  17. MellowsMum

    Spay aftercare

    Hey All, I have read up ahead of my rabbits spay (I say spay but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mellow is a Marvin due to the amount she is spraying me) I have a question about after care - Mellow doesn’t like to be picked up, she kicks, scratches and grunts. We are working on this and...
  18. MellowsMum

    Too many toys Vs more pen time.

    I now have her booked in to be spayed -maybe I won’t be surprised if it comes back a neuter. I called pets at home and they said they can’t take responsibility either way. She/He is a bit grumpy at the moment and has taken to nipping my feet. I’ll update you all once her spay is done...
  19. MellowsMum

    Too many toys Vs more pen time.

    Thanks for the reply! We got her from pets at home and they sexed her then, since then she’s been in for her vaccinations and a nail treatment and they haven’t said anything to lead us to believe she’s a boy but anything’s possible? I’m assuming they sound like boy behaviours then? contents...
  20. MellowsMum

    Too many toys Vs more pen time.

    Hey All, I have a lovely house bun called Mellow. She is unspayed (pandemic willing this will be fixed soon). She is 5 1/2 months old. Before she hit maturity she had full run of my 2 bed apartment with 1 of the rooms being pretty much all her apartment from my home working station. She was...