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  1. CrazyChickenGirl

    Hi There!

    Welcome! What a cute bunny!
  2. CrazyChickenGirl

    Help! Need gender help for bunnies!

    You need to push a little harder to be able to tell for sure, but I believe 2 is a girl. I have no idea about 1.
  3. CrazyChickenGirl


    What a cute little rabbit!
  4. CrazyChickenGirl

    Get to know each other game!

    I have been doing a large amount of work lately because I have been working on training my 4 year old horse who has just been trained to be rideable. TPBM loves riding horses
  5. CrazyChickenGirl

    Get to know each other game!

    Pretty often. Usually when I get a new picture of one of our animals that I like more than my old profile picture. TPBM has pets other than rabbits
  6. CrazyChickenGirl

    Get to know each other game!

    Not unless you count chickens TPBM owns chickens
  7. CrazyChickenGirl

    Hello from nz

    Welcome! You rabbit is adorable!
  8. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit’s Testicles are Large

    I don’t know his weight. He is a one year old Holland Lop. I don’t know if it is normal for his breed, but his half-brother Eeyore’s aren’t that big and Eeyore’s father’s (Dune) aren’t either. Opal (Snowball and Eeyore’s mother) was pregnant when I bought her, I have pictures of the father, but...
  9. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rexy the rex

    She’s adorable! Luckily for him, he got an incredible home. Good luck with the bonding!
  10. CrazyChickenGirl

    Get to know each other game!

    Dogs without a doubt. TPBM what is a project that you’ve been working on?
  11. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit’s Testicles are Large

    Ok, I’ll just keep an eye on it. They don’t look inflamed or anything, just large. If it gets worse or he shows any signs of being sick (right now he full of energy and begging for attention) I’ll book a vet appointment.
  12. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit’s Testicles are Large

    There are currently small poops all over his pen along with uneaten ceotropes. He somehow has what looks like fresh pee stains on his feet even though there is no pee on the floor in his pen and his litter box is clean. Should I be worried or is it just him adjusting to being in a new home?
  13. CrazyChickenGirl

    Hi there!

    Little fluffy face! ❤️
  14. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit’s Testicles are Large

    Is this normal? You can’t even see the testicles through the fur on my other male rabbits (who aren’t neutered). I don’t know a whole lot about his past year because he was just returned to us from the people we sold him to after being gone for nearly a year. I do have some info on him that...
  15. CrazyChickenGirl

    Georgie and his Angels

    Welcome! I have a rabbit named Dust Bunny (Dusty) as well. Your rabbits all ADORABLE!
  16. CrazyChickenGirl

    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    Took a picture at the perfect time while Opal have as chewing a ceotrope. It looks like she is amazed at something
  17. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit mom of three

    Welcome! I bet they’re all adorable!
  18. CrazyChickenGirl

    Flemish Giant Babies (growth progress) - Cuteness Overload (Eyes starting to open)

    Their all so cute! By the way, I love the name choice! My first (and favorite) rabbit’s name is Dune.
  19. CrazyChickenGirl

    Rabbit Registry

    Welcome! Your ginormous ears are adorable!