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  1. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    should I be worried?

    The bleeding stopped and everything is back to normal! He goes back to the vet on the 15th to get the stitches out.
  2. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    should I be worried?

    I'm waiting for my mom to wake up to take him. He's been hopping in and out of his cage and into the little playpen I set up for him. I'm about to clean his stitches again, hopefully the bleeding's stopped.
  3. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    Does anyone want their bunny drawn?

    Would you mind drawing my three?
  4. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    should I be worried?

    Yesterday Truffle got neutered, and this morning when I went to check on him, there was a little bit of blood on the bedding. I called the vet and they said that a little bit of bleeding is normal, but if I was worried to bring him back in. Well, tonight when I went to clean his stitches, they...
  5. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    Need to have my rabbit spayed and was wondering what other people have paid?

    The vet I go to charges $45 for a neuter, and somewhere around $75 for a spay. But they work with the animal shelter, so their prices are low for everything.
  6. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle


    I decided to just use thick boards. I couldn't find NIC cubes anywhere in town so I just bought an xpen. It's blue, which surprised me cause I've only ever seen grey or black ones.
  7. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    foam? so something like this should work?
  8. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle


    Tomorrow I'm building my buns a NIC condo, and I was wondering what I could use for flooring. I thought maybe I could use a sheet of foam for the shelves? Like the kind you can pick up at hobby lobby for a dollar, and cover the plywood with it? I'm just concerned about the possibility that it'll...
  9. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    mouse people, I need your help.

    Thanks! And will do! Right now they're still building a nest.
  10. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    mouse people, I need your help.

    Ok, they're building a nest now... frantically. I'm preparing for mouseageddon.
  11. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    I brought my dwarf hotot home!

    Thanks! The ink is still a little smudged, it's 35S according to the pedigree.
  12. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    I brought my dwarf hotot home!

    I'm so excited! She's completely adorable and looks like a good show bunny, to me at least. I met her parents and they were so sweet!
  13. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    brave rabbit

    Ha, no, this is a normal thing for my dog. She thinks she's a big, bad Doberman or mastiff. Until she's on the ground with the other animal. Then she realizes she's just a 12 pound Jack Russell and hightails it out of there.
  14. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    mouse people, I need your help.

    My boyfriend bought me two beautiful mice when I visited him recently because my rescued wild ones had something, probably from the wild, and passed in my mom's care. Both of the new mice are females. Both came from the female tank at petco. One, Lunetta, is a satin broken agouti and the other...
  15. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    dwarf hotot progress!

    Yep, today's the day! I'm picking her up at 6 tonight. I can't wait!!!! I haven't slept all night because I'm too excited!
  16. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    brave rabbit Truffle is fearless. My dog, on the other hand...
  17. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    Your favorite beauty and health tips

    I'm trying to grow my hair out, so once a week before bed I take 2 eggs, a cup of extra virgin olive oil, two teaspoons of honey and a shower cap, and mix together the eggs, olive oil, and honey, and put it in my dry hair, then put on the shower cap and leave it in for an hour, then I rinse it...
  18. 12lawliet12Snickers, Truffle

    mini freak out.

    I don't know yet, they haven't called back or anything. And like, a nursery or something? There's not any that I know of, but there's tons in Louisiana where my boyfriend lives. I just really wish there was a pet store job where all I did was feed, water, and play with the animals.