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  1. thisisfliss

    Urgent help- cage chewing

    Hi Everyone. I've just had a new cage made for Alfy & Dali and have not yet stained or waxed it. It is an indoor cage made of wood. Alfy has decided to start chewing it to bits. If I stain it do you think it will deter her and what do I stain it with? They're on holiday next week at bunny...
  2. thisisfliss

    Help! Matted bunny in pet shop

    I need some advice. This little guy was in my pet shop this evening as I went to get the bunnies some more hay. The rabbits always look in good condition there and all the others did, but this little guy looked super unhappy and had little matts and a slight bald patch on his neck. What can...
  3. thisisfliss

    Help! Rabbits eaten Viennese Whirl!

    Help! Alfy somehow managed to get into a box of Viennese whirls that my housemate left on the floor and has eaten the tops of them. They weren't chocolatey but are very sugary and buttery. She's had gas and been treated for gut stasis when she was younger. She's gone gassy and so I've got the...
  4. thisisfliss

    Stroppy year old female rabbit

    So Alfy has a friend now, Dali. They've been living together since July and are getting along well. It look a while! Alfy is now about a year old (Dali is a couple of months older than her but was from a rescue so we are unsure of his exact age) Alfy used to be such a friendly rabbit but she's...
  5. thisisfliss

    Meet Alfy's friend Dali

    Hi everybody. This is Dali, Alfy's man friend. We've had him about a month now and it's been a slow bonding process (she picked a fight with him and came off worse having to have her eyelid sewn up!) but they're getting along now. Both are as stubborn as each other so still try to work out who's...
  6. thisisfliss

    What breeds?

    My friend has this bun, Timothy and we were wondering what type he is. We know he's a cross breed but of what?
  7. thisisfliss


    Alfy is a mini lop who has the best personality. She's always tearing around the house doing binkies!
  8. thisisfliss

    Cover for run?

    I bought a metal run for Alfy to put around her indoor cage. However, she's figured out how to jump over it! Any suggestions of what I can use to cover it with so she can't jump out? It's one of these: If I can't find something to cover it with, I'll have to sell it and find another solution!
  9. thisisfliss

    Buns and cats...

    Does anybody have a cat who lives alongside their bun? My housemate wants to foster a sphynx cat who has been living alongside a house bunny but obviously we're unsure of how it'll work with Alfy. She's a very friendly bun, even in her current moody teenager phase but obviously we don't want...
  10. thisisfliss

    Hormonal behaviour

    I'm curious how everybody's buns behave when they are being hormonal? Alfy is being spayed in June and I really can't wait. When her hormones are raging, she bites her cage bars, gets gassy, is grumpy one minute and all friendly the next. And she has peed on me a few times! She behaves like a...
  11. thisisfliss

    Rabbit pellets give Alfy gas- what can I feed her?

    I'm pretty certain that the pellets Alfy has are the cause of her gas. They're Excel adult ones. I've been feeding her hay (she eats lots) and about a cup of veggies a day, split between morning and evening. She's just over 6 months old and I'm just worried that she won't be getting enough of...
  12. thisisfliss

    Stomach issues- don't know what's wrong?

    So Alfy had a couple of episodes of gas 2 weekends in a row. They were pretty bad so the vet gave her meds (emeprid & ranitidine) her tum was still making gurgly sounds but she was eating and happy. I put her on hay only on Thursday because I thought it was either her pellets or veges causing...
  13. thisisfliss


    So Alfy is recovering from her gas & GI episode, though we had to go back to the vets again this weekend for more meds. However, I think she's really displaying some symptoms of puberty. She's suddenly got really grumpy and doesn't want to be picked up (great fun when giving her her meds!)...
  14. thisisfliss


    I think Alfy has gas as her stomach has been a bit swollen for the last day and it was gurgling last night. She's still eating, but not quite as much hay and I'm keeping an eye on her drinking. She still seems lively but wasn't happy about me picking her up. I've given her some infacol to start...
  15. thisisfliss

    When do buns stop growing?

    Alfy is 5 and a half months now and still growing, though I think she's slowed down. What age do buns tend to stop growing? She's a mini lop.
  16. thisisfliss

    Bun keeps weeing on me- help!

    I took 'Alfie' to the vets on Saturday for the first time and the vet told me Alfie is probably actually a girl- though said she wouldn't be able to tell for another month or so. She's 20 weeks, I've had trouble litter training but thought she'd at least learnt that her cage is where she...
  17. thisisfliss

    New name... Alfie is a girl!

    I took Alfie to the vets today and they think he's actually a girl! I had to laugh. I'm struggling for a new name for her, she's been a boy for the last 2 months! Here's some photos! She's such a lovely friendly little bun, she comes and sits with me and was licking me when I wasn't feeling...
  18. thisisfliss

    Cage flooring

    Alfie is 16 weeks and eventually I'd like him to be cage free once he's litter trained. He has a plastic bottomed cage at the minute and I'm using wood shavings on the floor. Is this the best thing to use? He keeps weeing on the wood shavings and not in his litter tray sometimes and I'm...
  19. thisisfliss

    Litter training

    Hi Guys, Couldn't find another post on this so thought I'd start one up for some advice. I've had my bun for about 4 weeks, he's 14 weeks old now and I'm trying to litter train him. I've read that it's easier once they've been neutered. He eats his food from his litter tray mostly but wees...