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  1. oreo1

    Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2

    Has anyone received information from their vet about vaccinating their rabbit against this? Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2
  2. oreo1


    Hi, what does everyone use to make sure their bunny stays hydrated. I have 2 water bottles in my rabbit’s cage. I make sure her leafy greens have some water on them but I don’t like leaving a water bowl in her cage since it can get dirty or tipped over. Thanks
  3. oreo1

    Cage/playpen recommendations

    Can any one recommend a good larger indoor rabbit cage with a pen to hop around?
  4. oreo1


    Hi-I’ve noticed my rabbit has been scratching herself more, do they get dry skin in the Winter? If so, any suggestions? Thanks
  5. oreo1

    Soft poops

    Hi-my mini lop bunny has been have intermittent soft poops. I already have her one bath and now just using sensitive skin baby wipes to clean her if dirty. I suspended all fruits, veggies and oxbow treats only giving her pellets and Timothy/orchard hays and grass she eats when outside. But each...
  6. oreo1


    Does anyone file their bunny’s nails? If so, do you use any thing special? My bunny’s can be a bit sharp still after clipping them.
  7. oreo1

    Timothy Hay

    Hi-my bunny isn’t a massive fan of Timothy hay. The vet suggested mixing it with orchard hay which is sweeter but that that didn’t seem to help much. She also isn’t a huge fan of Timothy/alfalfa based chews. Has anyone noticed a difference between first cut verse second cut Timothy hay? I’m...
  8. oreo1

    Litter box training

    My one year old spayed mini lop Petunia is pretty good about using the litter box (mostly successful with peeing) when she’s roaming outside the cage. However, she apparently did not get the memo to use the litter box in her cage. We are constantly transferring her poops and rubbing her urine...
  9. oreo1

    Little pink swollen by toenail

    Hi-I just noticed my mini lop has a little pink knob -kind a looks like a mini abscess by her pinky toenail. does anybody know something I could put on it to help it go down that would be safe if she tried to lick it? I really don’t wanna bring her into the vet now. He seems fine hopping...
  10. oreo1

    Eye ulcers

    Has any have or had rabbits with eye ulcers? How did you treat it? Thanks
  11. oreo1


    my 7 year old dwarf bunny has a light brown wet color on her back paws and private parts. I gave her a bath last week to try to clean her up but it’s back. Her poop and urine are normal and she’s eating and drinking fine. Any idea what this could be? Thanks
  12. oreo1

    kidney issues

    My 2.5 year old seemingly healthy bunny became extremely sick overnight. He was eating and drinking but when I took him to vet he was very dehydrated and blood levels for sodium and other things extremely high. The vet is trying to figure out what exact bacterial infection could be the cause. We...