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  1. bluebird

    Rude people

    Anyone had to leave a group because people were very rude.
  2. bluebird

    bunny heaven

    We have lost an old friend at Bunny hill may he rest in peace. he was our oldest bunny at 7 .being a father and grandfather and great grandfather of many show bunnys.he was always glad too see me and never had a bad day.he passed away in his sleep.bluebird
  3. bluebird


  4. bluebird

    New babies are here

    My black doe finally had her litter last night,4 i think i havent counted looks like one or two brokens.bluebird
  5. bluebird

    Junior Buck

    Canyou see this picture or have i done it wrong?bluebird
  6. bluebird

    updated website

    I just updated my website if anyone cares can go too my profile too get it.sorry not allowed too post ithere.bluebird
  7. bluebird

    dutch bunnies

  8. bluebird

    my first pictures

  9. bluebird


  10. bluebird


  11. bluebird

    New website/Netherlands

    I just finished a website.actually im still working on it thanks to joshua.http//
  12. bluebird

    Rabbit school

    Pam do you know anything about the rabbit school they are having in washington pa.I emailed mrs pajack and got no reply.bluebird
  13. bluebird

    Netherland dwarf rabbits

    I went to monroeville and bridgeville last nightto pet stores with my daughter.They had bunnies they were callingNetherland dwarfs.They were not netherland dwarfs the body type waswrong.They actually looked more like polish ,which are not a dwarfbreed.they may have been a polish dwarf cross.I...