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  1. Flick

    Bunnies' Favorite Things

    (sung to "My Favorite Things") Carrots and Craisins and Timothy hay Veggies to munch on all through the day Litterbox poopies will happiness bring These are a few of my favorite things Nose-bonks and binkies and bunny-runs too Napping and playing and grass mats to chew Newspaper...
  2. Flick

    A Tribute to Honey

    When I first saw Honey in the animal shelter, she was sleeping with her chin propped on her dewlap. A big girl, fur the color of a spring thunderstorm. Regal. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I thought, "She's waiting for me." It took a few days, but she did, indeed come to live with me...
  3. Flick

    Perineal Dermatitis

    I've just uploaded a new video. In this one Dr. Taylor treats and discusses Perineal Dermatitis caused by a mat which formed over Honey's scent gland.
  4. Flick

    99 Rabbits Rescued in Port Lavaca, TX

    I have posted this in the "Rescue Me" forum, but thought it might get more exposure, here. Help is needed, please. A week ago today, 4 animal organizations (Bunny Buddies, Citizens for Animal Protection, Spay Houston, and WildRescue, Inc in Dallas) worked together and rescued 99 rabbits from...
  5. Flick

    99 Rabbits Rescued in Port Lavaca, TX

    A week ago today, 4 animal organizations (Bunny Buddies, Citizens for Animal Protection, Spay Houston, and WildRescue, Inc in Dallas) worked together and rescued 99 rabbits from the Port Lavaca Animal Control. Most of the rabbits are reasonably healthy, but a few have abscessed wounds. We figure...
  6. Flick

    Ovariohysterectomy Surgery Part 2

    Video shows Dr. May of Pearland Animal Health Center in Pearland, TX spaying my rabbit, Stella. Spoiler alert! Stella's spay was normal, no complications and she recovered just fine. If you watch to the end of the video, you'll get to see Honey "gallumph". :)...
  7. Flick

    Live Rabbits are Lunch at Big Cat Rescue :X :X :X :X :X :X :X
  8. Flick

    Live Rabbits are Lunch at Big Cat Rescue :X :X :X :X :X :X :X
  9. Flick

    Skyler's Story

    She-Who-Loves-Me calls me Skyler. She says that when the sky was falling, I’m the piece she caught. We met in a concrete warehouse on a cold and cloudy January afternoon. I was one of a hundred fifty-seven rabbits who were seized from a backyard rabbit breeder. I’m a purebred American Fuzzy...
  10. Flick

    Two Story with Veranda

    Parker is slightly lame and had trouble with the steep ramp on the Leith Petwerk condo. So, I built a staircase for him.
  11. Flick

    Zip Tie Technique

    This technique works horizontally and vertically and adds stability.
  12. Flick

    Skin Diseases of Rabbits by Esther van Praag, PhD

    The woman who owns has just published this book. It's filled with illustrations and terrific information. You can see a preview of it on their website ( ).
  13. Flick

    Animal Planet vs. Petland

    There's a FaceBook page about Animal Planet's show that reveals "the grim connection between puppy mills and pet stores".... I just posted this on the page: It was in the Petland Ohio store where the clerk drowned two baby rabbits! Since it was the tragic death of these rabbits that brought...
  14. Flick

    Mandibular and Maxillary Molar Extractions

    I just uploaded this new video showing my vet removing extremely maloccluded and abscessed molars. Not for the "faint of heart", but there's actually very little blood in it. And, Stella's doing GREAT! She's in my living room snuggling with Parker! Click on the link below: Molar Extractions
  15. Flick

    Surgical Correction of Molar and Incisor Malocclusions Stella's doing great, now. She's had 6 molars and her bottom incisors removed. The upper incisors will be removed in early November. She's currently living in our master bathroom. We hope she'll eventually bond with Parker ( Ear Mites and...
  16. Flick

    Stella Binkies

    Stella had 5 molars extracted from her bottom right jaw. The infection was so bad that it had destroyed all the tooth sockets, so instead of 5 sockets, there was one huge socket. She also has major problems with her incisors. Right now, they're being trimmed weekly. Once she recovers from the...
  17. Flick

    Pictures Needed

    A friend of mine has had an article accepted for publication in Exotic DVM journal. She has a picture of a Botfly infestation on a rabbit, but she is not pleased with it and is looking for a better picture. So, if you have a picture and are willing to let her use it, she will credit the...
  18. Flick

    Pillow Fight!
  19. Flick

    LM Animal Farms Pellets ™ (Hartz®)

    Classic Pet Rabbit Food sold at Petco Ingredients: wheat middlings,dehydrated alfalfa meal, dehulled soybean meal, soybean hulls, ground corn, cane molasses, oat groats, soybean oil, lignin sulfonate.... *FYI - the first name in the list is what makes up the greatest percentage of the...
  20. Flick

    New Video

    I just uploaded a new video. This one discusses rabbit safe vegetables. It's based on the information on