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  1. Ani

    Bunny peeing and pooping on bed

    Hello so I have a female bunny not sure of age maybe around 5 -7months not 100% sure of breed but I'm thinking lionhead. She isnt spayed yet since the vet said to wait 2 -3 months. But currently I'm having difficulty with her peeing on my bed. She likes to pee on the top half of the bed never...
  2. Ani

    Bunny peeing and pooping on bed

  3. Ani

    Bunny eating wrong poop PLEASE HELP!

    So I've searched everywhere online about this issue and I cant find any actual solution or reasoning behind this behavior. My bunny has been eating her normal poops and spitting them out, leaving piles of crumbled up poop everywhere. From what I've noticed this has been happening at night and...
  4. Ani

    Ear mites.

    Hello so I was wondering what is the best way to treat ear mites? I've heard of revolution but alas I cant get that without a prescription. If anyone knows where I could buy it without a prescription that would be great or any other remedies that are effective and safe to treat ear mites in bunnies.
  5. Ani

    Bunny diet question

    So I wanna give a bit of info as to what I experienced at the vet and hopefully someone can give me some insight here. I recently went to the vet to get my new bunny a checkup. I didnt really like how they handled her, the vet said she was acting abnormal since she wasnt allowing them to...