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  1. J

    George the Guinea pig

    This is George, I adopted him from the SPCA today :D Anyone know what breed he is? because I have no idea and the SPCA doesn't know anything about him... but as you can see he is long haired ;)
  2. J


    Tans are a full arched breed. Rabbits with this type show an arch starting at the nape of their neck, running smoothly over their shoulders, mid section and hips. Tans have a very lean, compact, well balanced body. They are visually striking because of their unique markings, contrast and...
  3. J

    Panda ♥

    I was bored so I made this video :) ...
  4. J

    A lie about the person above you

    Ithought this game might be fun to play. The tittle says it all -just tell a lie about the person who post before you. Please remember to follow the forum rules and do not try and insult other members or upset them with your lies.
  5. J

    Pedigree Software

    I was using Kintraks but It gave my laptop a nasty virus and It couldn't even turn on, so I had to restore factory settings in my Laptop and the result in that I lost EVERYTHING on my laptop:( and I didnt have a back up for Kintraks luckly I keep a pedigree and record book as well. Does anyone...
  6. J

    Mini Lop kits :)

    We have 4 new kits :) Out of my retired doe DNK13 and Orlando. I retired DNK13 in October she had lost to many litters, she escaped from her outside pen while Orlando was free ranging, so its unplanned. She made a big nest and is looking after her litter better than she use to, all babies have...
  7. J

    Rabbits breeding

    Do female rabbits come into season (heat)? I read somewhere that they do and don't, its confussing.
  8. J

    Mini Rex?

    Meet Abby, I just got her today she came with her friend who is dwarf. I got her of an old lady, who originally brought her of a breeder. The breeder said shes an English Spot X Havana but little does she know that there are NO Havanas in New Zealand! and theirs only a few English Spots over...
  9. J


    My 2yr old Mini Lop was due yesterday, she only had one small baby born in her food bowl, she has more in her I can fell atless 3! She hasn't made a nest so I had to use some fur from my other does litter for the baby, the baby died :( Shes just been sitting in her nest box for the past...
  10. J

    Flemish Giant Critique

    These guys are 2 months old. Dam: Fawn VM (out of Fawn VM and Beige) Sire: Black (out of Black and White) Fawn Doe Sandy Buck
  11. J

    The person above me

    Say something about the person above you.
  12. J

    British Giant

    Ring Size H Type & Weight 10 Coat 30 Body & Type 40 Colour 10 Condition 10 Total 100 TYPE AND WEIGHT - Does not less than kg 6.123 (13.5 lbs.) Bucks not less than kg 5.670 (12.5lbs) (over kg 6.801 (15Lbs ) to gain 10 points, under kg 5.667(12.5lbs) weight loses 10 points) COAT - Should...
  13. J

    Blanc de Termonde

    Blanc de Termonde Ring Size H Type 20 Fur 30 Eyes 15 Colour 10 Weight 10 Ears 5 Head 5 Feet & Legs 5 Total 100 Type In general appearance a large well proportioned rabbit. Doe is finer in shape. Dewlap absent in buck. Medium well rounded in doe. Back broad, fleshy, slightly...
  14. J

    Blanc de Hotot

    Blanc de Hotot Ring Size G Type 30 Head - Eye & Eye Circle 25 Ears 5 Weight 15 Fur15 Colour 10 Total 100 TYPE: General type of body somewhat thickset and rounded. This conformation is apparent in the length of body and in the width and height. The body shape is the result of a good...
  15. J


    Ring Size L Type 20 Shape/weight 20 Unformity of Colour 15 Undercolour 15 Fur 10 Colour 15 Total Pionts 100 TYPE: Thickset and well rounded. Size in proportion to weight dumpy and well rounded. Head is fixed tightly to the body - no visible neck - and is short, broad, strong in the buck...
  16. J

    Blanc de Bouscat

    Ring Size H Type 25 Head & Ears 10 Ears 15 Weight 15 Fur 25 Colour 10 Total: 100 Important - The Blanc de Bouscat must not be judged on weight alone. There must be good type and development. Ear length is important, a length of 15.25cm (6inch) is correct for a buck of kg 4.97 (11lb) and...
  17. J

    Belgian Hare

    Ring Size C Type: 30 Color: 30 Feet: 10 Ears (color): 5 Ears length: 5 Coat & Condtion: 15 Eyes: 5 Total: 100 Type - Long, fine with muscular flank well tucked up. Back distinctly arched with loins and hind quarters well rounded. Head long and fine, chest tight and free from...
  18. J

    Narnia X Sausages

    Narnia kindled AGAIN today:biggrin: & im so excited!! Narnia isnt one of my brood does...well shes not supose to be anyway! This morning I found a dead kit on the grass it was freezing and stiff So I put Narnia in the rabbitry, went down to check on her to find that she was giving birth I...
  19. J

    Moving a nest? UPDATED!

    One of my flemish does has just started nesting! its an unexpected pregnancy, I let her out of her cage 2 days ago, shes nesting in a wet corner of the rabbitry:shock: Is it safe to move the nest into her cage?:?
  20. J

    Angora Lop Fur GRR!

    My Angora Lop has matted up real bad! I try and groom him everyday but sometimes its just a miss, I was grooming him last night and I cam accross BIG mats! I clipped of most I could without cutting him, the mats are to close to his skin and it looks tight. (mats around his neck) Any...