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  1. Redrabbit


    Our rex has been acting a bit strangely recently (still eating a pooing but a bit less friendly than usual) and when I checked his teeth I noticed one isn’t growing properly. Has anyone seen this before? The vet isn’t concerned but it doesn’t look right to me. Thanks so much
  2. Redrabbit

    New to bonding

    First introduction/ bonding session... We put the cages close together, our rex (neutered buck) was thumping and burrowing and our lop (spayed doe) flopped and groomed herself. Eventually they both flopped. In each cage (they are each in a dog pen) we have water, food, towel and litter tray with...
  3. Redrabbit

    Too fat or too thin?

    We have two rabbits who are currently living separately but we’re about to (attempt to) bond them. I’m worried that our rex is slightly overweight and our lop is slightly under... are they going to fight over food? Is the lop going to be constantly hungry? I guess the real question is are my...
  4. Redrabbit

    Spayed rabbit not eating

    Hi, Our sweet bunny was spayed today and is so sad. She hasn’t eaten any hay and I haven’t seen her drink anything. I offered her some banana and she had a tiny nibble but not much at all. When should she start eating/drinking? I’m so worried Thanks so much
  5. Redrabbit

    Marks and possible cut- looks serious

    Hi, We’ve just adopted a Holland lop Dow and there’s a few marks over her which I think were from a rabbit she was previously with. She’s young, I was told she was probably 14 weeks and I’ve just noticed a strange mark around her bottom (there’s two, one on each side of her genitals) She doesn’t...
  6. Redrabbit

    New bunny advice please

    Hi, We adopted a new bunny today and she’s gorgeous but she’s a lop and I’m a bit clueless. (We have a Rex) Every time she drinks her ears get wet but I’m reluctant to use a bottle- which is better bowl and wet ears or bottle and dry ears? Is it something she’ll learn (she had a bottle before)...
  7. Redrabbit

    Free Roam/ stairs?

    Hi, Our rabbit free roams downstairs but when we go out I shut him in one room. I’m now worried he’ll fall down the stairs/ jump through the bannisters. He’s never shown any interest in the stairs until today - should I block them with a gate or similar? Thank you
  8. Redrabbit

    New bunny

    Hi, We want to get a new bunny to hopefully bond with our neutered boy. We’ve been offered a baby doe (3 months) but don’t know how to bond them (we haven’t said yes yet but very tempted). Will they need to be kept apart until she’s fixed? Thanks for any advice
  9. Redrabbit

    Bald patches

    Hi all, Our rabbit stayed at a friend’s whilst we were away for ten days. They didn’t brush him which was fine but the room he was in was quite warm and now he’s molting loads. We’ve groomed him and lots of fur is coming out but also there are some bald patches.. is this okay? They seem to be...
  10. Redrabbit

    Flooring, Bedding and Digging

    Hi, We’re new bunny owners and had our little boy for just three weeks. We’ve read loads on here and it’s helped so much so huge thanks. He chews on everything and we’ve bunny proofed as much as we can but we can’t find a suitable rug/ flooring. We have wooden floors everywhere and he’s sliding...