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  1. hartleybun

    RO creative/artistic people

    is it just me or are there a lot of creative/ artistic bunny servants out there? im including myself in this:D
  2. hartleybun

    first bbq of the year

    its sunny but a tad chilly here and very windy but a neighbour is having a bbq - a confirmed sighting of the first one this year! also met a couple of holiday makers on a dog walk too! that's two firsts in one week:rollseyes
  3. hartleybun


    hello! i keep seeing craisins mentioned on the forum. it seems that bunnies love them. have googled the word and its coming backas dried cranberries. is this correct or are all those american bunnies loving a snack that we cant get here in the uk?:( thank you:D
  4. hartleybun


    hello on behalf of hartleybun and roxy - two otter rexes. i was recommended this site by the moderator of our facebook rabbit group, and am very glad that she did:D hartleybun is the new man in roxy's life after the death of her previous partner, hartley. they are getting along very well...