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  1. rachaeeelanneee

    Moving Bunny Outside

    Hi everyone! It's almost springtime where I'm from, and I am building (it's almost done) a hutch for my Moo (he's a holland lop😊). He will be moved outside, and I was hoping for some advice on that. He will have a heater to keep him warm enough until summer. I was just wondering if...
  2. rachaeeelanneee

    Boston Terrier and bunny?

    Okay guys, it's been decided that for my 17th birthday, I can have a puppy. I have to buy it, and have decided to get a boston terrier. Does anyone on here have that type of dog and a bun? Any input on dog and bunny relationahips? Any tips for bonding puppies and buns? Thanks!
  3. rachaeeelanneee

    Twitter Awareness!

    Okay, so I'd like any of you who have twitters to go and find this page, and retweet this post. Because I think it's awesome that bunnies are getting some notice, and maybe we could save a life or two. Also, here's my twitter name: @RachaeeelAnneee :biggrin
  4. rachaeeelanneee

    Another bunny?!

    Okay guys. I'm thinking about getting a second bun. I already have my Moo Moo (about 5months old, boy, holland lop), who will be getting fixed within a month. After he's fixed, and I've waited the appropriate amount of time for his hormone to settle down, how would I go about bonding him with...
  5. rachaeeelanneee

    Is it time to get him fixed?

    My rabbit Moo, is a male holland lop who is about five months old. When I got him, the first thing I did was litter train him, and he sometimes pooped outside his litter box, but never peed. Now though, I'm finding pee in his cage where his litter box is not. And it smells, terrible. He hasn't...
  6. rachaeeelanneee


    So, I bought my bunny off of a breeder that I found on craigslist. Moo's a "purebred" hollandlop. I have that in quotations because the breeder said he wouldn't be coming with a pedigree, but I saw his parents' pedigree. Can you explain to me why that might be, or why a pedigree is like super...
  7. rachaeeelanneee

    Happy Easter!

    Happy ester from Moo(and me!), who's currently enjoying the sunshine :)
  8. rachaeeelanneee


    Okay, so I feel the need to post these adorable pics that Moo actually let me take! Haha. Cuteness overload, here we come!
  9. rachaeeelanneee

    Washing Machine

    So, every single time I wash blankets from Moo's cage, my washing machine is left in a mess. I switched litters so that should help (cause the littler doesn't get all over the blankets anymore.) but my washing machine is still trashed, no matter how much I shake out the blankets. Is there any...
  10. rachaeeelanneee

    Old Phonebook?

    So, I've heard a lot of people on here say that as a you you could give your bun an old phonebook with the covers off. However, my Moo isn't really a chewer except with paper. But he doesn't play with any of his other toys so I need to try something new. So questions, 1. Would it be bad if he...
  11. rachaeeelanneee

    Branches for my bun?

    I have a cherry tree, crab apple tree, and (i think) a birch tree in my front yard, and I was wondering if it's safe to give my bun branches/twigs from those trees. Thanks!
  12. rachaeeelanneee

    Dog Collar..on a Bunny?!

    I was recently at our local humane society, trying to decide if I was going to get another pet or not. There was also this family there, adopting a rabbit. And one of their younger kids, bends down and puts a dog collar on their new rabbit. Is this safe?
  13. rachaeeelanneee

    Chewing and Toys

    My bun Moo won't chew on anything. So he doesn't wear his teeth down. And he doesn't like to eat hay either. I've tried multiple kinds of hay, willow balls, chew sticks, the hanging wood block thing that's normally in the bird section, Timothy hay mat, cardboard, wicker basket, and even just a...
  14. rachaeeelanneee


    Moo is a purebred Holland Lop, with a very funny personality. He's one of the quirky-est rabbits that I know, and also the cutest! He loves his yoggies. He's really picky about his hay, and quite frankly doesn't really eat any of it--but when he does? It's every where. He also loves to get into...
  15. rachaeeelanneee


    So, my I've tried two different kinds of litter for my bun, but he kind of flings it everywhere. So I've decided I want to try pellets for litter. Any recommendations? Pictures? Thanks!
  16. rachaeeelanneee

    Hay with mangos?

    Is this hay okay for an everyday feed? It's Timothy Hay Plus with dried mangos
  17. rachaeeelanneee

    When can I fix my bun?

    My bun Moo, is still fairly young, but when would be a good time to get him fixed? Is there a general time frame or a specific time to get him fixed? Also, any estimates for cost in Idaho? I'm tired of him pooping everywhere. Haha. I'm ready to get him fixed so that he'll stop that. Hopefully...
  18. rachaeeelanneee

    Jumping on the couch.

    So, I can't get Moo to jump onto the couch. I've got him to jump down from it, only with encouragement from treats of course. But I can't get him to jump onto the couch. Any suggestions on how you've trained your buns to get up on the couch?
  19. rachaeeelanneee


    Okay so I know there's some controversy on how much pellets should be fed to our buns and I need someone to clear that up. I've heard baby buns (8weeks) should only have 1/4 a cup of pellets a day, and then some say that's for buns all ages and others say that you should give your bun unlimited...
  20. rachaeeelanneee


    Okay guys, I need some help. As some of you may know, I have a holland lop named Moo, who's almost 13 weeks old. He has plastic and a rope balls with bells in them, a dig tunnel, stuffed animal, baby keys, lufa chews, and a home made toilet paper roll that's fringed and I stuff hay inside of it...