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  1. LuvaBun

    How to comfort dying rabbit

    I’m so very sorry 😔
  2. LuvaBun

    Susan Slywchuk...former member

    Oh my goodness. I have just re-joined this forum after many years and I see this I too remember the early days and Sooska (Susan) was a much loved member. Buttercup was a special bunny and I still have pictures of him. I guess they’ll cross The Bridge together
  3. LuvaBun

    Mooshu B Bunny 11/18/2003 - 12/30/2013

    I'm sorry, Jim. Mooshu had such a good, long life with you. I know you will miss her lots. God Bless, little girl! Jan
  4. LuvaBun

    Shiloh's Mabel - RIP

    Shiloh, I am so sorry to hear about Mabel, and also Kerensa. To lose 2 so closely is just awful. Thinking of you! Jan
  5. LuvaBun


    I am so very sorry Kate. All of your rabbits have such amazing, happy lives with you, and get to experience so much. I hope it is some comfort to you that Korr didn't suffer, and that you were with him at the end. So very sad! Jan
  6. LuvaBun

    3 years later.

    This is just the cutest picture! Glad you have now entered bunny slavedom lol! Jan
  7. LuvaBun

    My amazing Gracie has gone to The Bridge - 8/19/2002 - 7/7/2013

    I am so very sorry Jim. I remember when you got Gracie. I am so pleased she spent her last years with you in a happy home, and not the shelter. God Bless, Gracie! :bigtears: Jan
  8. LuvaBun

    Our sweet and loveable Ty

    I am so very sorry to hear about Ty. What a lovely life he had with you, and what a special little boy he was. Jan
  9. LuvaBun

    Tallulah Maesie, the angel bunny

    I love that, Larry. To me, it wouldn't be Heaven without our beloved pets. Shiloh, I can hardly believe it's been 5 years, but then I lost Pernod just after, so I guess that's right. Time moves on, but they remain in our hearts forever! Jan
  10. LuvaBun

    Pebbles 06/23/04 - 05/14/10

    Pebbles will always be remembered here. She was the sweetest, most photogenic little girl and I'm so privileged to have known her. Hugs to you, Stan :hug: Jan
  11. LuvaBun

    Goodbye, my Sweet Georgia Bun

    Thank you all for your lovely replies. We still miss our little girl. I collected her ashes from the vet, so she is back home with us. It was our regular vet who I saw (she was away when we lost Georgia) and she said she thought Georgia could have had a stroke. It's still too quiet at night...
  12. LuvaBun

    My Rabbits and Ramblings 2011 onwards

    Goodbye, my sweet, gentle little Georgia :sad:
  13. LuvaBun

    Goodbye, my Sweet Georgia Bun

    My sweet little Georgia Bun has gone to The Bridge :sad: She was with us nearly 4 years, which is a lot longer than anyone thought we would have her, but it still wasn't long enough. In fact she nearly didn't make it here at all, as she was on her way to be euthanised at the Shelter, when...
  14. LuvaBun

    Tallulah Maesie, the angel bunny

    She will always be a special girl, Shiloh. I know I still miss all my Bridge Bunnies, and I still cry for them. They are all so unique! :hug: Jan
  15. LuvaBun

    Dopey 2- One half of a whole

    I'm so sorry, Tracy. I don't get on here very much, but when I saw one of the Dopey's had gone to the Bridge, I felt so sad! Such a beautiful couple :( Hope you are doing OK Jan
  16. LuvaBun

    Fyn and Pancha

    Such a sad story, Sas, I'm so sorry. I guess having such a bad start gave them a poor chance of a long life :( Jan
  17. LuvaBun

    Homeless Man Jumps into river to save his rabbit

    Awesome! Good to hear that they are all OK :) Jan
  18. LuvaBun

    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Oh goodness, I nearly missed this cuteness!!! Daisy Mae looks absolutely adorable in her Canadian outfit - it always amazes me how you get your crew to wear outfits - mine would probably shred the outfit (or me) to pieces :P Jan
  19. LuvaBun


    I'm so sorry Amanda. He looked like such a sweet boy, too. You did all you could for him, and because of that, I don't think he would have felt 'unwanted'. He probably felt safe and loved by you, and that is a great gift you gave him. RIP little Sparta Jan
  20. LuvaBun

    Baxter! & Babs: A Dating Tail

    Just catching up with this now - and what great news. I am soooo happy for all of you. The bunnies have got great friends, and your life must be much easier with the three of them bonded. Any pics of the adoring trio ??? :) Jan