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  1. Lissa

    Meet Charlie!

    We got Charlie about 1 1/2 years ago. She is an English Angora and she is super sweet. We haven’t had bunnies for over 10 years and we just love her. We have three cats and they all get along with her, but mostly steer clear of her. Charlie was a boy up until we had her fixed and the vet told...
  2. Lissa


    I got a cat!!! Can you believe that?!?! I'm totally not a cat person at all. I'm a rabbit freak. But I love this cat. He's so different than the rest. I just had to share the news. I'm still in shock myself. lol
  3. Lissa

    I'm getting an itch

    for a bunny!!! It's a shame I got rid of all my bunny stuff. I don't know how nice Oliver would be to a pet either. I miss having them. :(
  4. Lissa

    Just stopping in to say hi

    It's been awhile. I think most of you probably remember me. Things have been good. Oliver is going to be 1 on the 17th. This years has flown by. I hope everyone is doing well here. Miss you guys.
  5. Lissa

    More pictures of Oliver!

  6. Lissa

    bad news

    Pristine may need to be rehomed again.:( The man that I gave her to is moving away and he can'ttake her with. I'm so bummed. She loves her newhome.
  7. Lissa

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry I've been away for so long. Idon't have internet access anymore. Baby Oliver is getting sobig already! Can you believe he's almost 3 monthsold!!! AHHHHH! He's such a great baby. Ilove being a mommy. It is exhausting though! LOL Pristine is still living with her new daddy and loving it...
  8. Lissa

    very sad news

    We are going to have to find a new home forPristine. My new baby is keeping me way too busy and Pristineisnt' getting the love and attention that she deserves.:( This is so heartbreaking. I love her somuch. I just can't stand to see her so neglected. :(
  9. Lissa

    Oliver Blair is here!

    Oliver Blair was born Tuesday, October 17, 2006at 11:22 a.m. He was 3 weeks early, 7 lbs 11 oz, 19 incheslong. He hasLOTS of hair and a dimple on his rightcheek just like mommy. He looks a lot like daddythough. I will post pictures when I go back to work part time(in about a month). Me, Jason...
  10. Lissa

    Fur mats

    Pristine has terrible mats in her fur.It has gotten so bad that it appears that she's balding abit. The mats are so tight that I can't comb them out and I'mafraid to cut them because they are so close to her skin.What do you recommend?
  11. Lissa

    Pristine is FAT!

    I weighed her on Sunday and she is 5.5 pounds!! :shock: That is a lot for a Jersey Wooley. Anyone have any advice on how to put this fatty on a diet? :cool:
  12. Lissa

    Iszy had to be put to sleep. :(

    Saturday morning my baby Iszy was put to rest. She is no longer in pain and is with her sister Lenci now. I miss her terribly. :(
  13. Lissa


    Do I want to WEAR my bunny? Of course NOT. That's disgusting.
  14. Lissa

    humane mouse traps

    Does anyone know of a humane mouse trap that actually works?
  15. Lissa

    Rate My Bunny

    Has everyone seen this?
  16. Lissa

    First ultrasound today -- It's a . . .

    BOY! We're having a BOY!! :D
  17. Lissa

    Problems with neighboring cat owner.

    I try to take my bunnies outside to run around acouple times a week for about an hour at a time. We have afenced in backyard and I stay outside and watch them the entire timethey are out. The problem is that my neighbor has 3 cats thatlike to jump the 6-foot fence and taunt my rabbits. I havehad...
  18. Lissa

    Nice card I received from Varna (:

    Here is a picture of the nice card Varna madefor me and Jason and the baby. She tells me that she made itby hand. Isn't it neat?
  19. Lissa

    Protect your family!!
  20. Lissa

    excessive fur loss

    Pristine is kind of freaking me out. Ibrushed her on Saturday and I swear that over half her fur cameout. I just kept brushing and brushing. I havenever seen that much fur come out of one rabbit. Is thatnormal?