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  1. Nova and Era

    Admit it, you once had a rabbit named...

    I rescued one of my rabbits from a shelter. The shelter named the girl Bun Bun. Bun Bun was found in a field. She spent a year in the shelter. She has a chronic problem with her left eye. It tears. No vets they have, or that I have seen know why. The last vet told me I was "stupid for adopting...
  2. Nova and Era

    A Bunny Surprise

    I'm very sorry for your loss of Chole. I am sure she brought you many smiles and loves you unconditionally. It was sweet if your grandparents to think of you and get you Leah. She will be a special bunny like every bunny out there. May Chole binky on.
  3. Nova and Era

    Bunny went unconscious after humping a teddy and fell on his side. Penis is bleeding

    A very, very, very, small amount of apple juice (like a bottle cap full approximately) in the water can help entice him to drink more water. I've done this for my rabbits with success and was able to get them to drink regular water with out any problems shortly after a day or two of the...
  4. Nova and Era

    Lionheads are now an ARBA BREED!!! It's OFFICIAL!

    This is great news. I'm not a breeder but I love that the Lionheads are getting recognition!
  5. Nova and Era

    I Seem to have a problem...

    I had to look up what a Yellow Dutch looks like, and they are beautiful rabbits. I hope you take a chance and visit with the breeder that is an hour away. As it's been said, you never know they could have the rabbit you've always dreamed of having! The rabbits may not come with papers, but...
  6. Nova and Era

    Does anybody else have Facebook?

    I've been contemplating creating a page for my bunnies but I haven't yet. I'm not sure how to make it unique and fun for others, but I sent you a friends request for Loki. I love seeing bunny pages.
  7. Nova and Era

    a must have item!

    I have a furminator and it's a wonderful tool. I like that it doesn't tug on the fur, but you can also tell where there's a build of fur in the undercoat that needs to go. You can tell just by how the brush moves through the hair. I do brush my rabbits regularly, and I tend to get significant...
  8. Nova and Era

    Having trouble medicating

    This may seem odd as a solution, but one of my rabbits seriously dislikes being picked up, but with some time he'll hop into an animal carrier. I can then lift him out of pen inside the carrier, place the carrier on a table or such and remove him from the carrier. It's the safest method I have...
  9. Nova and Era

    Spay for an older rabbit?

    Well I actually got this rabbit from a shelter. They treated her for a bunch of things and then decided with the vet she had an allergy. The vet didn't want to spay her. I will try to get a vet to do it but I feel I need to get her thoroughly checked over first jus to make sure their story adds...
  10. Nova and Era

    Spay for an older rabbit?

    Thanks for the advice. I don't believe a four year old bunny is old either. I would hate to find out later though that she develops uterine cancer. I want to have her happy and healthy for as long as possible. I already live in a big city (Edmonton), and by an unfortunate event (to an...
  11. Nova and Era

    Babysitting these lion heads for the summer!

    I wish I had shedding tips for you, because I have three lionheads and they each shed a lot. I love them each dearly though!
  12. Nova and Era

    Spay for an older rabbit?

    I adopted a rabbit that is older. She's 4 years old and is a lionhead. She has very good temperament and she tolerates being handled. When I adopted her I was told that the vet they brought her to wouldn't spay her because of her age. Should I phone around and see if there is a vet that will...
  13. Nova and Era

    Rescued a rabbit tonight.

    I'm glad you gave this rabbit another chance. She may not be used for breeding, but you are giving this rabbit a loving home. I think the hidey hole suggestion is a great one for this rabbit. She seems to have a high prey instinct so a chance to hide out of sight may make her feel more...
  14. Nova and Era

    Teary eye

    Thank you both for the replies. Since adopting the new rabbit she's been doing well. Her eye's haven't been tearing and she's been adjusting well to her new life. She doesn't always like being handled but she's quiet use to it, so I'm grateful that the shelter took care of her. I got her from...
  15. Nova and Era

    Teary eye

    Hi, I currently have two rabbits but I am looking to adopt a rabbit that has teary/weepy/runny eye that is induced by being allergic to shavings. I am comfortable taking on an older rabbit (she is 4 years old) and she has been listed as a lionhead (long haired). Other than that I know...
  16. Nova and Era

    Nail Trimming Terror lol

    One of my rabbits (Nova) doesn't handle nail trimming well at all. The safest way I've found is wrapping him in a towel. If I need to pass him off to another family member it's easy to do and he doesn't squirm. Most of the time I'm able to do it myself with just the towel and nail clippers. I...
  17. Nova and Era


    Era came from a breeder. She was kept in the backyard in a pen and her brother and sisters had already gone to new homes. I felt instantly drawn to the sweet little girl. Era however has taken up the bad habit of being lazy and needing more attention so she can be an active girl. She enjoys...
  18. Nova and Era


    Nova is my male Lionhead rabbit. I found him at a pet store. He looked to be the oldest rabbit that they had and my heart went out to him. He looked so lonely and I knew he wasn't getting any run time. I took him home and since then have been developing a loving relationship. Nova loves his...