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  1. BunnySilver

    Feeding Enough?

    Silver has always been very excited for his food ever since I switched him over (many months ago), but lately I've been noticing it more than usual. He is a Netherland Dwarf, a little over a year old, and gets 1/8 cups of pellets in the morning, and a solid cups of greens at night. I feed him...
  2. BunnySilver

    Silver's Getting Neutered!

    I know, I said this last year too. But a while lot of thing change over the year. But he is for sure getting neutered! I will be dropping him off around 8:00 on Monday and picking him up around 3:00 that afternoon. I am not changing anything in his diet, of course taking the shelve out of his...
  3. BunnySilver


    Sort of a random question but just wondering. Silver is in my room with me of course and I was just wondering if it would be OK if I were to burn a candle in there from time to time. I know that air sprays are a nope, but just wondering about candles. I hope no one thinks this sounds self...
  4. BunnySilver

    Mommi Came Home!

    My mommi came back home from her "vakation" today. I was really surprised at first because I didn't knows she was coming back today. But then I sniffed her and have her kisses. She said I was "molting like krazy" though and then she took like all of my furs out! I feels naked now, but I have...
  5. BunnySilver

    Happy 1st Birthday My Little Silver!

    It's been around 1 year since I rescued my affectionate little Silver from the pet store. His real estimated birthday is August 5th, but since I will not be in town that day I though I would celebrate with him today instead! He will get some greens in the afternoon and I plan to make him some...
  6. BunnySilver

    New Smells

    Hello all. Recently Silver has been scent marking with his poop or something, I think. It stinks at the moment and normally has absolutely no smell. Is this what is happening? There hasn't been any environment changes and he's almost a year old. There aren't any other buns in the house either...
  7. BunnySilver

    Going Away Again - Without Silver

    So as some of you may know, I went away to a beach house earlier this summer and was able to bring Silv along. Everything went great with that and he seemed happy! But I am now going away on a larger vacation at the end of July. Silver will be in the care of my mom and I've typed out some...
  8. BunnySilver

    Silver's Rools for Hate!

    I don't like that hooman that mommi calls her 'little bruther', or some other hoomans. So I have acquired (whatever that means) special methods to show to the hoomans that I dislike. Follow my five easy steps to hate! (1) Thump whenever the person you don't like is near. Thump A LOT. And when...
  9. BunnySilver

    Not pooping or eating much!

    Please help me as I have never had any problems with Silver and he is my baby bunny who I care oh so deeply about. I took Silver, my 10 month old Netherland Dwarf over to my dad's apartment for the second time as my parents do not live together and I am only a teenager. He was perfectly fine...
  10. BunnySilver

    Going on Vacation with Silver!

    Hello everybody! This could fit into multiple categories, so I'm just going to post it in here. My family and I are going away on summer vacation to a little beach house up in Michigan. The best part of it all is that I get to bring my 10 month old Netherland Dwarf Silver! I have many, many...
  11. BunnySilver

    Finally Introducing Silver!

    Hello everyone! When I joined the forum, I never remembered to introduce my Silver! Sorry I'm just doing this now. He is a 10 month old Netherland Dwarf.
  12. BunnySilver

    Ate Rice?! Should I be Worried?!

    Today Silver's much beloved stuffed bunny girlfriend seemed to have gotten a small hole in the bottom and a bit of rice had come out. He loves his girlfriend very much and seems quite lonely without her. So I took the rice pushed it down and covered it back up with the fabric. Well, as I walked...
  13. BunnySilver

    2 Homes?

    Hi again everyone! I was wondering something about possibly having 2 cage set ups at different homes for my bun. I am a teenager and my mom and dad do not live together so on the weekends I will usually stay at my dad's for a night each week. But of course when I do this my very loved bun...
  14. BunnySilver

    Not Drinking?!

    Silver, my 8 month old bun, does not seem to be drinking lately. I recently switched him over to a bowl instead of a bottle. I know that he knows how to drink out of the bowl because twice I saw him taking drinks. He is eating, pooping, peeing, and acting perfectly fine but I am just worried...
  15. BunnySilver

    Nummy Dinner

    I got a really nummy dinner today but mommy say I deserves it cause she couldn't get me veggies yesterday. It has lettuce, a piece if spinach, some little carrot pieces, and a raisin.
  16. BunnySilver

    Silver, the spunky Netherland Dwarf

    First off, I know that I have already started a blog for Silver before, but I feel like I left out too much of his story. I apologize for this and even though I can not delete the old blog, I thought maybe I could start a new one telling the whole story this time. ;) Warning: Long and ranting...
  17. BunnySilver

    Drinking from bowl

    Lately I have been putting a bowl filled with water in Silver's cage along with his usual bottle. I want him to use a bowl for many reasons two being the fact that I know he will drink more that way, and it will be easier to clean than a water bottle. He does not seem to be paying any attention...
  18. BunnySilver

    What do you hate?

    What is something that you hate? Whether it's a kind if foods, or something your hooman does, what do you really dislike? I hate having to go back in my cage! I don't care if I got to run around for 1 hour or 6 I don't want to go back in! *pouting* -Silver
  19. BunnySilver

    Neuter preparation

    Hi, I will be neutering my Netherland Dwarf, Silver, who is almost 6 months old soon. He is a male and I was just wondering how I should prepare/set up his cage for when he comes back home, anything I should tell or ask the vet, and just all the basics and and things I should do to prepare and...
  20. BunnySilver

    Bunny biting cage bars

    My almost 6month old Netherland dwarf, Silver, has recently been biting on to his cage bars and shaking the whole cage while I am trying to sleep. He will bite on to the bars, chew on them for a few seconds, and then grab on to them and start shaking thee entire cage. Not only is this highly...