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  1. Saudade

    If you live in europe/australia/NZ and own a wii

    And want a free game drop me a pm, or put a post in here. This is nothing illegal or a scam... Just something that will get you a free game! You can also add me to msn or contact me. All on my profile page. *edit* Forgot to mention you have to have wireless internet (or a neighbour who has...
  2. Saudade

    Christmas Presents

    Well, with christmas fast approaching, just three more days until that exciting morning for me, and just a little less for the rest of you. So I know all of you avid present-shakers and corner-shredders out there have already worked out what you're getting, so let's hear it! I'll start off...
  3. Saudade


    As part of a deal with April here are six of my poems, if enough people want more I will share more and even maybe write some new ones. [line]Stray Dogs Stray dogs under a cloudy sky, The ballads of the night surround them, Fur and cloth they wear these skins, Marking them under this baleful...
  4. Saudade

    Lucy - Please Help

    Picked Lucy up today after her being in her cage all day (it's raining and she usually spends the day out in her covered run. The rear part of her genital lump (if you know the bit i'm talking about) has lost all the fur and is inflamed. Brother told me to go see a vet, but my mum won't let me...
  5. Saudade


    I'm going to be down in Wollongong from the 19th to the 21st of November, it's my mini vacation instead of me going off on schoolies. I was wondering if there are any members who could suggest sights to go see or whatnot? On the Friday I should be free most of the day, so if anyone was up to it...
  6. Saudade

    Animal wants a?
  7. Saudade

    Bunny Bio-fuel

    (added by Tonyshuman) WARNING: Potentially offensive material in the link It's good to see governments taking an initiative and making sure that bio-waste is being put to good use.
  8. Saudade

    Let me show you my Pokemans

    So as some of you know I am a massive nerd, now I wouldn't say I'm a Milhouse but I am a nerd for all things Japanese. Recently my friend got me in to Gashapon (Gachapon), these are plastic balls that hold a little toy in them, you put a coin in to the machine, turn the mechanism and the ball...
  9. Saudade

    RIP Lucy Vodden (O'Donnel)

    Kinda sad, the girl who the Beatles' song 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' was named after, which was what my dear Lucy was named after has passed on. She died from an auto-immune disease, during her treatment she found solace in keeping a garden and Julian Lennon, who had brought a drawing home...
  10. Saudade

    RESOLVED Lucy needs a foster/forever home (NSW Australia)

    I've been trying to avoid writing this for a while, but it's a long shot and maybe this might happen. Lucy is a Purebred Female Dutch who will be spayed at the end of this year (hopefully). Lucy needs a home for a year and a little bit starting around January 2010, or failing that a forever...
  11. Saudade

    Lyrics that describe you right now

    Post the four lines of lyrics that describe how you feel right now. PG lyrics only please!
  12. Saudade

    Just so you know

    You're pretty **** cool.
  13. Saudade


    For those of you who don't know about LucyCam, it's a cam that streams directly from my room, the cam is situated in Lucy's cage and you can watch her. It'll be up whenever I know my brother isn't using the internet...
  14. Saudade

    Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink

    Sitting here sipping on a coconut rum and coke, I was thinking, what is everyone else's favourite drink?
  15. Saudade

    With apologies to Freddie Mercury

    *to the tune of Fat Bottomed Girls* o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/`o/` AAAAHH, you gonna take me home tonight? AAAAHH, log on to that rabbit website; Are you gonna let it all hang out? Fat bottomed buns, You make the rabbit world go round. Hey I was just a...
  16. Saudade

    Innapropriate bun is innapropriate

    Lucy has discovered her newest favourite noise maker. The fly on jeans. She is obsessed with pulling them down, listening to the sound and then doing a binky as her victim blushes in embarrassment. So far she's gotten me twice and my mum once.
  17. Saudade

    Alfalfa and Lucerne

    So this was brought up in an introduction topic, so I thought I would start a topic of it's own. A lot of owners won't feed their mature rabbits alfalfa because of concerns that it is too rich in calcium and protein. I do not know about the protein part, but I recall recently randy or...
  18. Saudade

    Smelly/bleached bottom/tail

    Playing with Lucy today I noticed that she smelt quite strange, not her usual sawdust and hay smell that she gets but more of a musky urine smell without the ammonia. Picking her up I tranced her and checked her bottom. The area behind her bits has changed colour over night from a black to a...
  19. Saudade

    I don't mean to boast

    But I picked up bag of beautiful alfalfa hay, fresh and beautiful, compressed tightly in to a plastic bag. A roughly 2kg bag of alfalfa hay for $5.50 AUD. For american's that is: 70 oz for $4.60 USD. For you Brits that is: 2kg bag for £2.75 GBP. It's beautiful, smells great, beautifully...
  20. Saudade


    What exactly causes them, what is their purpose and what can be done to maintain them at an appropriate size?