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  1. Flick

    Teeth grinding?

    I have noticed 5 kinds of tooth noises and movements 1. Happy grind. It's fast and rhythmic and pretty quiet. It sorta crescendos (builds up in speed and sound) then dies down and starts over. It happens when I'm rubbing their noses. It's a pretty sound. 2. Contented grind. I hear this when...
  2. Flick

    Should I add anything to my senior rabbits diet?

    I recently started giving Oxbow's "Joint Supplement" and "Senior Support" to my 8 year old American Fuzzy Lop, Skyler. My vet checked the ingredients and said they were fine. Skyler loves them and he is more active, now. I'm very surprised to say that I do think they have helped him.
  3. Flick

    anesthesia... Scared!

    Videos I'm made concerning rabbit health issues including anesthesia and dental problems.
  4. Flick

    Sub Q Penicillin Injections Help

    When you're ready to remove the needle, place your thumb and forefinger where the needle is going into the skin then slide the needle out between your thumb and forefinger. When the needle is out, pinch the skin at the injection site between the thumb and finger and hold it for 10 or 15 seconds...
  5. Flick

    What type of pellets???

    When feeding Timothy hay pellets, look for high fiber (18% or more) and low protein (14% or less) and no junk food in it, ie, dried apple, carrots, seeds, etc. Just the pellets, nothing else. Also, check the ingredients list and make sure the FIRST thing listed is Timothy hay, not alfalfa (for...
  6. Flick

    Advice - Nail trimming

    Try the "squeeze-squeeze-clip" technique as shown in this video. That's my Skyler and he is NOT a calm bunny, but this method works well with him. We don't stand him on his hind legs as shown in the video. My husband holds him, and I clip.
  7. Flick

    Clipping my bunny's nails

    This is a video of my Skyler getting his nails clipped. Believe me, he is NOT a calm rabbit. This method works very well with him, however. The most important info is the "squeeze-squeeze-clip" explanation.
  8. Flick

    Bunnies' Favorite Things

    (sung to "My Favorite Things") Carrots and Craisins and Timothy hay Veggies to munch on all through the day Litterbox poopies will happiness bring These are a few of my favorite things Nose-bonks and binkies and bunny-runs too Napping and playing and grass mats to chew Newspaper...
  9. Flick

    Complicated spay

    I volunteer with a local rabbit rescue organization in Houston, TX. Twice a month we take 2 rabbits to local vets for spay/neuters. I transport them from the vet's office to their final destinations, so part of my responsibility is to make up the "pain packs" for them. We always provide Metacam...
  10. Flick

    spayed rabbit pooping everywhere

    You didn't say if your rabbit is free-roam or if she has a pen. Either way, I think she is trying to claim the entire apartment as her territory and that's not a good idea. You need to limit her access to one specific area/pen for most of the day for several weeks, at least; long enough for her...
  11. Flick

    pee smell mostly went away. Now poop stinks

    It's probably not their poop you're smelling, but uneaten cecals (cecotropes). If they are overproducing cecals you may need to change their diet. Too many treats can cause overproduction of cecals. It could be that you need to cut down on the amount of pellets they're given. If you're feeding...
  12. Flick

    3rd cut Timothy

    I was going to suggest you try Kleenmama's Bluegrass. My rabbits love it. I have a large canvas bag of it in Skyler's room. He sits in the middle of it and chows down.
  13. Flick

    how to handle a feisty bunny?

    Check with your vet to see how much just a nail clipping would cost. It might be well worth it to let them do it for you, assuming you can get her into the carrier without putting your life on the line.
  14. Flick

    2013 Cages You've Made

    Stella (white and gray double maned Lionhead) and Parker's (white and black single maned Lionhead) home is a combination of a two story condo from Leith Petwerks and NIC panels. Parker has a slightly lame back foot, making the ramp difficult for him to use, so I made a staircase for him. I hung...
  15. Flick

    Hair Loss?

    It could be fur mites. Sounds like what happened to my Skyler a few months ago. I noticed a bald patch with a white powdery substance at the base of his neck, between his shoulders. Vet visit. I was given an antibiotic cream to put on it. No improvement in 2 weeks. So, got a shot of Ivermectin...
  16. Flick

    how to tell a bloody urine or not?

    I've attached a picture of blood stained pee. This was the first indication that something was very wrong with my rabbit. She was rescued from a shelter so I had no information on her. Turns out she had uterine cancer. She was spayed and the cancer had not metastasized. We were exceedingly...
  17. Flick

    intorducing my flemmie!!

    How big is the litter box and is it easily accessible for her? For my 14 lb French Lop I used a plastic cement mixing tub purchased at a hardware store (Lowe's or Home Depot). We cut out one side of it to make it easier for her to get in. She was pushing elderly when I got her from the shelter...
  18. Flick

    Mr and Mrs

    Stella (gray & white) and Parker (black & white). Stella has dental problems so Parker helps keep her face clean.
  19. Flick

    Not eatting

    Sounds like she has a tummy ache. Get some infant simethicone like Mylicon Infant Gas Drops at a drug or grocery store. Generic brand is fine. Give her about 1cc, or as much as she'll take. I can generally get about half a cc in my buns. If she's not eating within a couple of hours you can dose...
  20. Flick

    Tooth root problems (elongated teeth/abscess)

    My Stella has undergone extensive dental surgeries due to malocclusion which caused an abscess. Doesn't sound like your rabbit's issues are as bad as Stella's were so won't cost as much. Aftercare was not bad. Of course pain meds and antibiotics...