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  1. anneq

    Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh ... She has an awesome voice I'm a fan of the group Danu - any other fans out there? Darn, makes me want to learn Gaelic, lol - my husband knows a bit.
  2. anneq

    Patrick Swayze died Sad, I liked him as an actor...I don't know, he just seemed to have a very decent and caring demeanor. Only 57yrs.old.:(
  3. anneq

    Panic attacks

    besides getting a prescription from your doctor? LoL - really I'm not a fan of prescription drugs, and I'm not suicidal. I have certain ways I try to get through panic attacks - and I know what causes them, but am interested in how other people who experience them alleviate the condition.
  4. anneq

    Josh Turner of his best songs, but so sad:( ...I like this song - what a great voice
  5. anneq

    Atlanta, GA

    anyone here from around that area or near 'bouts? Reason is my family might be moving to that area due to a job relocation...and was interested to know which areas should be avoided (crime, etc). If anyone has any information, please share with me if you can.
  6. anneq

    Guinea Pig cuteness Overload!

    Oh My Gosh....I'm not a major guinea pig lover like I am with bunnies, but I swear - I want to take these little ones home! LoL.
  7. anneq

    Michael Buble

    any fans out there? I swear, before I get too old, I'm gonna go see this guy in concert - this was the music I grew up with - and he does it SOO well. (if I were about 20yrs younger, well, nvm):P
  8. anneq

    Charlie has left the house...

    the last of our litter has left the house with her new owner. All the babies are out of the nest and with good homes. So, we have left: Samwise & Rosie and their kids: Smudge, Thumper & Bob Thumper will be going to get neutered this Tuesday. .....I will MISS the babies though - my gosh, I'm...
  9. anneq

    Probios Feed Granules

    I'm sure it's been discussed here sometime before, but having read awhile ago that probios comes now in powder form & granular form, I was wondering what the amount/quantity would be for a 4-5lb.rabbit? The smallest animal they list is chickens, but that's 2lbs.per ton of feed, lol. I was...
  10. anneq

    Mail? BEWARE!!
  11. anneq


    :P I know it's a little late, but wanted to wish all the vets a Happy Memorial Day! God bless you for all you've done for us, and continue to do! (hubby is a Korean vet - boy, does that age us! LoL)
  12. anneq


  13. anneq

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Well, was browsing through some web-sites (rabbit-related, of course) and came upon this product. Have never heard of it before this but I do like the idea that it's not chemical and sounds a little safer to use than the regular wormers. Anyone have experience with this?
  14. anneq

    Calf Manna

  15. anneq

    Calf Manna

    Can people post pros & cons of this product? I have a doe that's on her last litter, and would like to get some of her flesh and coat built back up to par - I'm considering rolled oats also to help put some weight back on her.
  16. anneq

    the parting shot

    Yes, the LAST litter - Sam had to sneak in a parting shot ...and we ended-up with these little guys (6 weeks old now)...
  17. anneq

    Condos for Rescue

    oops, nvm:X
  18. anneq

    Bunny Medicine Chest

    So I went out yesterday with a list for all the things I'd like to have on-hand for my buns in case of emergency (and non-emergency). Wazine /Piperazine (picked-up from a small Feed store) my bunnys are outdoors a lot especially in the milder months. Rabbit conditioner (bought from Barbi Brown...
  19. anneq

    All Gone

    All my bunnies from Rosey's last litter have been adopted out....sniffle..the bright side is, the woman and her mom also have 2 of the previous litter, and they live within 4 miles of each the buns visit back and forth...but darn, I'm gonna miss the little guys. We ended up keeping...
  20. anneq

    Craigs List users..

    just be aware that if you put any post in the pets ad section or farm & garden may be flagged and removed. I posted (actually I reposted someone else post in regards to Easter bunnies and not giving them in the farm & garden section) and my post was flagged and removed. It looks...