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  1. Pepper

    I put my rabbit Dusty on the petboro pet photocontest. I usedthe avatar as the picture of Dusty for thecontest. I hope people will vote for him. His picture will beonthere for the month of September.In October Petboro willannounce the winner.
  2. Pepper

    My friend's rabbit Eron died on Mother's Day.

    My friend Pam lost her rabbit Eron yesterday onMother's Day.She called and told me on the phone that he died. Shefeels bad and sodo I. I was at her house on Friday and herrabbit seemed fine.She told me it was real fast when he died,shenoticed on Saturday that he wasn't going to the bathroom and...
  3. Pepper

    Pictures of Pepper
  4. Pepper

    New rabbit

    Hi! I have a picture of our new rabbit we just gottoday about an hour ago.We got it from our neighbor next door,he hadasked us at the beginning of the week if we had any rabbit food,becausehe knew we had Pepper,but he didn't know he died until we told him,whenhe asked for the rabbit food,for...
  5. Pepper


    I wanted to let you know our rabbitPepper just died little after midnight and we feel so bad.He wasn'teating and drinking or going to the bathroom.Iwasholding him andthen my husband was hanging on tohim,then he made a weird noise like choking and he was shaking,with a odor.Then,we put him back...
  6. Pepper

    Loving your rabbit.

    I'm always telling my husbandI like our rabbit Pepper better then some people,like my husband'srelatives the in-law thing.I think of my in-laws as out-laws and Ithink my husband feels that way about my brother and mygrandmother.Sometimes I wonder myselfabout my brother andgrandmother.My brother...
  7. Pepper

    O/T annoyning spam email

    I was just wondering does anybody ever get spamemail with vogue langague and other vogue stuff with it? I was so mad Iput that email address on my anti-spam blocked list on my NortonInternet Security that I have on my computer.I don't even know how theygot my email address in the first place. I...
  8. Pepper

    Concerned about my rabbit Pepper.

    I have a question my Pepper is off his routinethis morning,when we got up about 9:00 A.M. this morning he didn't begus to let him out.Every morning when we get up in the morning he 'swilling and waiting to be let out of his cage and run.He chews on hiscage and looks at us at the same time,that's...
  9. Pepper

    calendar for 2005

    Hi! I have made a calendar for 2005 and it is on my webpage I don't get in trouble for doing this or anything.I made this calendar for fun and that's the only reason I did it.
  10. Pepper

    Seasons Greetings

    I know this is early to post a greeting for theholidays,but I guess I couldn't wait.Here is a season's greeting withPepper's picture on it,this picture was from last year and I used thispicture for Christmas cards last year,that I send to people.Petsmarthas pet photos taken with santa in...
  11. Pepper


    Today is my birthday and I turned 34.My husbandturned 36 on Saturday the 23rd.His birthday we ate at Old CountryBuffet and today for my birthday we ate at Crackel Barrel.
  12. Pepper


    I'm trying to figure out who'swebsite that made the e-cards,I forgot who it was that was doing it.Ifanybody could tell me how to get to it again.I wanted to look at thee-cards again it's been awhile since I looked at them,that's why Iforgot on how to get to it.
  13. Pepper

    Smart Pet of the Day photo PetsMart

    I have submitted Pepper's picture on to Smart Petof the day at and they sent me a email saying he wasselected for Smart Pet of the Day on June 13.I hope everybody looks forit.It is Smart Pet of The Day.