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  1. hartleybun

    Caption Contest #84

    Black bunny asks - "shouldn't carrot tops be green?"
  2. hartleybun

    You know you're obsessed with rabbits when...

    You turn your garden and adjoining utility shed into a bunnery, after removing every single plant from said garden and grassing the whole thing.
  3. hartleybun

    Tell Me Your 3 Favorite Books

    How lovely to see R F Delderfield mentioned - for me he's a local author. I'm not sure about choosing just three favourites but the first would have to be Dracula by Bram Stoker. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova, Watership Down, any Terry Pratchett, any Du Maurier...the Poirot stories...
  4. hartleybun

    Bun Nails

    I just can't see to trim them anymore so I use the free nail and claw service at our vets.:)
  5. hartleybun

    My Dearest Smokies

    :rip: Binky free Smokie. I am so sorry xxx
  6. hartleybun

    Prince is gone.....

    Binky free beloved Prince. I can only echo Stan's wise words, you will know when and if the time is right. :pray: donna xxx
  7. hartleybun

    (RIP) Charger is in the hospital with bloat

    :bigtears: I am so sorry. xxx
  8. hartleybun

    (RIP) Charger is in the hospital with bloat

    sending vibes and prayers on here too!:pray::pray:
  9. hartleybun

    (RIP) Charger is in the hospital with bloat

    sending vibes and prayers on here too!:pray::pray:
  10. hartleybun

    she only eat her veggies if they are cut into small pieces

    :ponder: If there was a problem with eating then I would have thought that bunny wouldnt eat anything. Pellets and hay are harder to chew then veggies! Could it be the smell and taste of the veg? A couple of years ago my doe, Roxy, was on a weeks course of antibiotics (she faced down a honey...
  11. hartleybun

    Happy 1st Birthday to Phoenix the Cockatiel

    :adorable: Happy Birthday Phoenix! it really doesnt seem like a year. Thank you for posting such a lovely set of pics - its wonderful to seem him looking so handsome. He is a credit to you and your hubby who gave up so much to nurse him. Give him a treat on my behalf please!:)
  12. hartleybun

    HELP! Bonded girl fight!

    :) Personally I would wait until Mia is off her meds - as you say she smells like a vets office - this is definitely going to upset everybun. I think "smell" is the key here - a bonded pair no longer smell right to each other, and another bunny has appeared. Add to that a bunny cuddled by...
  13. hartleybun

    Rabbit Breeds I want to Own

    got to be a flemmie. i've got the time and space for a giant...or two:)
  14. hartleybun

    Litter Training and Chewing

    :) Is Smudge neutered? you might find he's less bratty once the hormones are gone. Also check out the Lagomorph Library section of the forum. It's got some great tips for litter training and bunny proofing your home. Mine have their own shed and garden to roam around in. This hasnt stopped Roxy...
  15. hartleybun

    Baby Isabelle!

    :inlove: belated congratulations!
  16. hartleybun

    King Kirby's Rabbit Nation 2011

    am a FB fan of Sir Toby..tho' dont tell him Kirby and Penelope are just as adorable:D oops..i mean Penny!
  17. hartleybun

    Dairy Queen commercial....

    :biggrin2: cute!
  18. hartleybun

    Happy Easter from Solara, Sabriel, and Silas!

    hoppy easter! My two just wouldnt put up with a bow:D
  19. hartleybun

    Family on Facebook

    playing catch up here! im 'friends' with my kids, which i know some parents have issues with. it's also a great way to keep in touch with my cousin and ex sister in law.
  20. hartleybun

    People think bunny molting is bad!

    i shall not complain about my two labs and two buns moulting ever again!