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  1. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    Update: I may just end up neutering them and continuing with the bonding process. After looking at the cost of one of the spay/neuter threads, I'm going to continue looking as it appears I may be getting "price-gouged" at certain vets. I just learned there is a humane society here that has...
  2. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    I can't post a pictures of their areas at the moment, but I can guarantee they have very spacious places to roam, are petted/played/handled with daily, and are given the best basic care I can provide with 24/7 hay and all the other necessities, especially providing varied leafy greens when able...
  3. moppysan

    Rehome or keep my second bunny?

    Greetings! I come today with a need for advice. I recently adopted a bunny - Moppy, 11 months old now, Mini-Lop - who needed to desperately be rehomed from a craigslist ad. He is very sweet and I love him very much. This was about 3 months ago.Fast forward to about 1 month ago and my girlfriend...