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  1. Saudade

    If you live in europe/australia/NZ and own a wii

    It's for PAL only sadly enough. That means Australia/NZ/Europe only. If you have a PAL Wii and live in America then you can do it too.
  2. Saudade

    If you live in europe/australia/NZ and own a wii

    Nope, it works, I checked up with everyone I know. You can switch to and from.
  3. Saudade

    If you live in europe/australia/NZ and own a wii

    And want a free game drop me a pm, or put a post in here. This is nothing illegal or a scam... Just something that will get you a free game! You can also add me to msn or contact me. All on my profile page. *edit* Forgot to mention you have to have wireless internet (or a neighbour who has...
  4. Saudade

    Christmas Presents

    BethM wrote: Careful dear, your scrooge is showing :P
  5. Saudade

    Christmas Presents

    Well, with christmas fast approaching, just three more days until that exciting morning for me, and just a little less for the rest of you. So I know all of you avid present-shakers and corner-shredders out there have already worked out what you're getting, so let's hear it! I'll start off...
  6. Saudade

    HELP!!! Bunny with broken leg

    She has an emergency vet nearby that she is calling now.
  7. Saudade

    Lucy's Licks

    Sorry no update today guys as I am currently at a friends place and haven't seen Lucy all day. Hopefully she is inside, asleep after enjoying a good meal. If she isn't she's outside, cold... but atleast she's eaten and has something to drink out there. great now I'm worrying.
  8. Saudade

    The Christmas tree is up!

    Poor Mouse_Chalk! Her tree went up and then came down just as fast!
  9. Saudade

    Dewlap Question

    To have the dewlap removed would be a very simple procedure actually... It's just a small bit of cosmetic surgery.
  10. Saudade

    Lucy's Licks

    Update! :headflick:Lucy's Licks!:headflick: 17/12/09[line]Listening to: What You Don't Know - Jonatha Brooke (Dollhouse Theme) Eating: Popcorn Drinking: Pepsi Max Watching: Anime Playing: Left 4 Dead Quote of the day: What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets - Dracula (Castlevania...
  11. Saudade

    myspace accounts

    I won't bother putting mine up as I haven't properly used it in years.
  12. Saudade

    Lucy's Licks

    Red is her favourite color and has always been. She hates it when I put blue towels on her cage.
  13. Saudade

    Lucy's Licks

    Update! :headflick:Lucy's Licks!:headflick: 17/12/09[line]Listening to: Learning How to Smile - Everclear Eating: A plastic piece that fell off of my laptop Drinking: Pepsi Max Watching: Scrubs Playing: Left 4 Dead Quote of the day: Time goes, you say? Ah, no! alas, time stays, we go. -...
  14. Saudade

    Google Chrome.

    Chrome was just too much for me, firefox will always be my love.
  15. Saudade

    Do you leave the light on?

    Lucy has quite an erratic light schedule though I like to keep her cage covered with towels after about midnight.
  16. Saudade

    Online Meet Up

    I'll happily organise and co-ordinate it.
  17. Saudade

    JadeIcing's Gwyneth Apple Hoshi is a star!

    ... I hope you realise the gravity of the pun you just created. Hoshi means Star in Japanese. You have doomed us all.
  18. Saudade

    Teaching Myself Guitar

    I taught myself, is your guitar a steel string or a nylon string? It's easy to tell, one is steel and the other is a plastic.
  19. Saudade

    What is the latest age to be spayed?

    Noticed no one said why. Most vets are wary of doing any work on older females as fatty deposits (or is it fatty tissue? only had 3 hours sleep) begin to form around the area. Also as a rabbit gets older it is more likely to have complications in surgery. The recommended age that I can...
  20. Saudade

    Word Association - 2009