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  1. crystal

    I'm getting married!

    My now finance proposed on Saturday and of course I said yes. Well actually at first I was so shocked I said "oh no" but then I said "I mean yes!". My fiance's name is James and we have been together for almost 5 years. I don't know anyone from here really well so its probably not majorly...
  2. crystal

    Rabbit odd behaviour (spasms)

    Would it be possible for you to take a video of this to show us? It's hard to get an idea of what you mean from your description... Try not to worry yet before you know if it's anything to worry about :)
  3. crystal

    help name the baby..

    Very cute! I love that second picture. She looks like a very similar color to my girl Lulu... Ummm what kinds of names do you like? Do you want another pirates of the carribean name? I think Elizabeth is too long for a bunny name... what about Keira?
  4. crystal

    Correction... There are 8 new bunnies(:

    Congrats to you and Miko on 8 babies! hahaha Octomom.... or maybe Octobun lol
  5. crystal

    because i am a sucker

    He's very handsome! Any closer on deciding the name?
  6. crystal

    Goodbye Lopsy boy

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm sad at times but trying to focus on how happy he was. Trying to forget how unwell he was at the very end. I came home from the vet yesterday and had about an hour to get ready for a job interview which was far from ideal. But I got a call today offering...
  7. crystal

    Goodbye Lopsy boy

    Oops it seems I can't remember how to post a picture. It's still feeling very surreal that he's gone. This morning when I got up I found Lopsy limp and unable to stand up properly. He wasn't alert or eating so I knew something was really wrong. I took him to the vet and she thought he might...
  8. crystal

    Goodbye Lopsy boy
  9. crystal

    new bunny has joined our family! <3

    She is very cute indeed!
  10. crystal

    MELBOURNE Australia Rescue forced to close

    I live about half an hours drive from this place but all of you knew about it before I did! I came on here to see if there had been a topic made about it. I signed the petition and I'm hoping to be able to think of other ways to help. but at the moment I am just upset. I know someone who got...
  11. crystal


    I know this might sound like a strange thing to ask, but I have sometimes wondered if my lovely boy bunny Lopsy would be expected to be able to live a long life the same as every other bunny. He was said to be about 2 years old when I got him, which was coming up to 2 years ago. He has two...
  12. crystal

    doccuments to give to a bunny babysitter

    I think that while instructions are good, it's good to physically show the person what to do. I guess people learn in different ways but no matter how clearly you think written instructions are, I reckon a person will feel more like they know what they're meant to do if they have been shown. And...
  13. crystal

    The lavish lives of Lopsy and Lulu

    ahhh still don't have bonded bunnies. and this is still my fault and not theirs :(
  14. crystal

    New here, first bunny

    Welcome the the bunny world and to this forum! She is a very pretty bunny, does she have a name yet? I hope she is settling in and you are having lots of fun with her :)
  15. crystal

    The lavish lives of Lopsy and Lulu

    It's been over two months since I posted in my blog here, wow. My bunnies still aren't bonded and I feel guilty that they haven't been having as much time let out of their cages. I'm still looking for a job so I have time I should be using to bond them. I got so discouraged when they started...
  16. crystal

    Amy's cats, rabbits, etc!

    myLoki wrote: I haven't been around here much lately... I want to know how you are too Amy.
  17. crystal

    Beezille's Buns

    Happy Belated Birthday! :bouquet: :yahoo: :party: I haven't been on here for a while, your blog was the first thing I looked at.
  18. crystal

    Shiloh's Happy Herd

    lol Paul's reasons for patting your bunnies are pretty funny Yes more photos are definitely required!
  19. crystal

    Shiloh's Happy Herd

    What an adorable new addition you have! Welcome home Kerensa :) Glad I came on here to procrastinate vacuuming haha I didn't know yet about the new bunny in your life. Congrats again on getting married! Are there or will there be pictures up for us to see?
  20. crystal

    The Checkers Diary

    What a gorgeous bunny, and what a caring person you are to take care of the little bunny. It's sad that he doesn't have much vision, but I think the fact that you didn't know that for a while means that he manages very well regardless! I mean bunnies manage to get around fine at night when...