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  1. Dwarf_Angel04

    August 2009

    Wow, the start of yet another month! I was just passing some time and looking through some old posts. I guess I haven't posted on this portion of the board since May! Lots of news in the car accident recovery process. (Whichhasgetting closer to approching the year mark! 10.30.08)I was...
  2. Dwarf_Angel04

    Anyone without a Gallbladder?

    I don't post much but do watch the board on a daily basis and notice the great advice given. ;) Anyways... I've been under the whether the past week with abdominal pains and side pains. I ended up working for 30 mins last Thursday due to what I now know was a gallbladder attack. Everything was...
  3. Dwarf_Angel04

    Lost another ARBA Judge.

    District 8's J. Leo Collins lost his battle to lung cancer this afternoon. Not only was J. Leo an ARBA judge from Ohiobut presented and got the Mini Satin's accepted as an ARBA recognized breed. Amanda
  4. Dwarf_Angel04

    Yo! Yo!

    It's quiet again! Wow! This time last weekend I was up to my head in tasks! Needless to say, my local rabbit club held their show with success. It was my first time as the acting show super. and that wasa fun job! Normally, I don't get the chance to run the floor and socialize with...
  5. Dwarf_Angel04


    I'm missing these daily 'reports'. :? News around here... just working most of the time. Right now, I'm working at the headquarters for John McCain's merchandise. So if you go on his website to purchase any hats, shirts, bumper stickers, DVD's etc, then there's a 50/50 chance it will pass...
  6. Dwarf_Angel04

    Snowy Saturday,,,drifts into Sunday

    This week has been one big mess aroung here! Tuesday an ice storm hit and yesterday everyone finally was set back up on electric. Yesterday was also the start of the new winter storm or shall I say, 'Blizzard'. Schools started out the day stating they were going to dismissal 2 hours early...
  7. Dwarf_Angel04

    ARBA New Variety and Breeds

    The results are starting to pull in!! Broken Netherland Dwarfs have passed! Chocolate Band Dwarf Hotots have passed! Broken Havanas have passed!
  8. Dwarf_Angel04

    Books on 9/11

    For my Composition II class I have to read abook and critique the book towards the end of the quarter. The book hasto be a non-fiction book that was published in the lest ten years, butthe last five years is even better. So I decided I wanted to read a book that I was going to have intrestin...
  9. Dwarf_Angel04

    National Flemish Giant Club

    I have noticed that there is a rise in the intrest towards Flemish Giants in the past couple months. Recently, I did a search for all the national clubs for each breed and located about 30 or from the ones accepted by ARBA. So for those intrested here is the National Federation of Flemish...
  10. Dwarf_Angel04

    Dwarf_Angel's Photo Gallery

    Well I don't have any new pictures of my bunnies. So therefore here are some cute pictures of my other loves, my two cats. This is Holly, shes cuddling up with my brother underneath her favorite fleece blanket. My cats have a 'safe spot' It used to consist of a box that the cats took over...
  11. Dwarf_Angel04

    Bunny Fleece Blanket

    I have been searching ALL over for a bunnyfleece. I have gone all over at different material places and finallyfound one! I had looked all over including places in Minnasota,SouthDakota, Ohio, and Indiana. I finally came upon one and this one justhappened to NOT be easter orianted and was just...
  12. Dwarf_Angel04

    Collection of Rabbit Items

    I'm one of those people that collects bunnyeverything like many others! If I took all my rabbit stuff away I wouldhave nothing in my room, computer area, garage, my carand ofcourse my barn! Here is a picture of my shelf in my bedroom that contains SOME of my rabbit stuff! Well today I...
  13. Dwarf_Angel04

    Dwarf_Angel's Photos

    New Born Dwarf Hotots
  14. Dwarf_Angel04

    natural corn husk mats

    I'm making a "play pen" for current and futurelitters. At Wal-Mart they have playpens that you can fold right up. Ican't think of the name for them but they are built for gunieapigs/rabbits. However, I've got hardwood floors so I have to findsomething that I can stick on the floor and put the...
  15. Dwarf_Angel04

    Cute Dwarf Hotot Kits

    Here's some 13 day old Dwarf Hotots! "Hey, now that I'm out of the box, I wanna see whats out there!" Looks like the baby line up days are over! "Look at me... I'm posin' for ya.. how's thisone?" "Hey wait for me! I've got an itch... I said wait!" "Okay, we are all tired and give...
  16. Dwarf_Angel04

    Australia Rabbits

    I just ran across this neat information. In Australia rabbits are shown in 3 classes: Kitten- 6 to 14 weeks ondate of show Junior- 14 weeks to 5 months on date of show Adult- 5 months and over on date of show The breeds are rather similar to American Breeds...
  17. Dwarf_Angel04

    Lop Owners

    Go on over to the rabbit show and post any kind of picture of your lops!
  18. Dwarf_Angel04

    Gonna be getting a bird

    I know this is a bit early LOL! I'm gonna begetting a blue crowned conure in about 2 or 3 months. I've been lookingheavily into nice medium sizes cages and have found what I want. I planon getting a male but as far as names I'm clueless at this point! This is the breed of bird I'm planning on...
  19. Dwarf_Angel04

    Photo Session with New Rabbit

    I had a little 'photo' session tonightwith a new rabbit to my herd. He is the quietest Dwarf Hotot I haveever met! His name is orginal Nock's "Boy". :D I know how ya'll just love bunny pictures! ~*~Amanda~*~
  20. Dwarf_Angel04


    I got this DH to pass feeces. The feeces weresoft and dark brown. Well today he changed feeces. Its now an orangecolor and VERY loose. He won't eat hay nor oats. All I can get him toeat that is anywhere near oats is Cream of Wheat. Remember...I'm stuck in my house and can't leave. I'm allowed on...