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  1. Fancy77

    Rose's Sore Hocks (RIP)

    So I have already talked to Dave (Wabbitdad) and he has gotten me on my way to taking care of the problem but I wanted to post pics just in case anyone else wanted to share their 2 cents :) He came to the conclusion that she has urine scald, I have to agree. even tho i feel i am extremely...
  2. Fancy77

    Ideas on gender???

    Baby 1 Baby 2 Let me know if I need to wait a while to figure it out. I have no idea and I am not sure if it is too early to tell gender. I hope the pics are good enough.
  3. Fancy77

    Accidents Happen...Didnt think it would happen to me

    I was gone all weekend and on Saturday Morning John called me at 7am to let me know he has a problem. BJ my oldest woke him up to let him know that Rose had babies...WHAT how could this happen...Ok i KNOW how it happened. lol but how, Monty works fast the 2 times I caught him out of his room...
  4. Fancy77

    Quilt Auction

    I have made this quilt to help out a rabbit rescue I support. I am listing it on RO first for 2 reasons. To give the RO members first dibs at a reduced price, and whom ever has the winning bid will get to choose the rescue they support and half of the total sale of the quilt will be sent to that...
  5. Fancy77

    I finally did it...the chicken left the coop

    SO for a LONG time now I have wanted to sell my quilts and other projects on Needless to say I am the biggest chicken. Today I took the plunge. I started with a table runner I had laying around. It took for ever to get up the nerve to list it. Even tho I did research on prices every...
  6. Fancy77

    Animated Avarar

    I can not find my animator program for my avatar pic. I was wondering if anyone has the link so I may down load it again. I think I lost it after I had to preform surgery on my computer Thanks
  7. Fancy77

    I welcome your input on breed type...

    So as some of you know I traded Jay Jay for a nice doe we decided to name Rose. The rescue wasnt sure on what breed she is. She has a tattoo on her ear so I believe she might be a pure bred rabbit. Thanks a bunch in advance!!!
  8. Fancy77


    :censored2:I am just befuddled at what just happened. I let Jay Jay out to run around a little while ago. I was on the couch watching TV and just letting him run. Poop happens, so I went to get a paper towel to clean it up....Then BOOM Jay Jay lunges at me and is in fight mode. What the Heck...
  9. Fancy77

    Minnesota Madness

    Yep thats it!! I got the name finally for my 2010 Blog....whoo hoo for me :pinkbouce: heres the link to my 2009 Blog
  10. Fancy77

    What I have been working on

    Here r some pics of my Mess with pictures. I have dwindled some ofthe mess down
  11. Fancy77

    Happy Birthday April!!!

    Its April's Birthday today....She is 29 and holding lol :birthday:birthday:birthday:birthday:birthday:birthday :party::party::party::party::party:
  12. Fancy77

    Let It Snow

    we have gotten 4.4 inches of snow so far the weather said we r getting an inch per hour so here is some pics My house Street in front of the house back yard Back deck
  13. Fancy77

    Puppy Chow for ppl

    Puppy Chow 1pkg choc chip. 1/2 cup Peanut Butter Melt them together 12 cups Chex Cereal mix all together add 2 cups powders sugar..them mix again DONE
  14. Fancy77


    I just wanted to extend warm wishes to everyone on RO on Turkey Day!!!
  15. Fancy77

    I didnt plan on this...BUT

    SO I seriously did plan on getting another rabbit. I have been doing my research, and getting my ducks in a row. I did not want another bunny till after the holidays, maybe February or later. I was interested in a Palomino, NZ, or another FG. I was looking a white. I was told white hair shows...
  16. Fancy77

    Looking for a breeder

    I wanted to find a Palomino or New Zealand breeder in the south eastern Minnesota, or in south western part of Wisconsin. I am in no hurry for another bunny but I want to include my hubby on the process. so that means meeting an adult and seeing what his thoughts are. I want to wait at least 2...
  17. Fancy77

    Need brush/comb suggestions...

    So my Dwarf Hotots are shedding some fierce. I have tried different brushes, combs, even a damp wash cloth. So far I have around 7 different types of brushes and combs. I dont feel like I am getting everything. when I am "done" brushing them I pet them of course. then it is snowing in my house...
  18. Fancy77

    Happy Birthday Big Bird