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  1. Kate7654

    Scabs on rabbit ears

    Hello! My male rabbit Benny has some scabs in his ears and he is scratching them quite a bit. I know some about ear mites but they are typically on the inside of the ear and these are on the outside so i’m quite confused. Thanks in advance!
  2. Kate7654

    Breeding Broken Chestnut holland lop to Black tort?

    Hello I have a Black Tort Holland Lop that carries dilute and a chestnut out of a chestnut and a blue tort holland lop. Could I get Opal out of this pairing? Any other colors?
  3. Kate7654

    Opal Holland lop x Black Tort Holland lop

    Hello! I am getting a new opal holland lop and I was wondering if I could get an Opal out of an Opal x Black tort that carries dilute breeding. What other colors could I get with this pairing? Thanks!
  4. Kate7654

    What would I get breeding blue tort to black tort?

    I just got a new blue tort holland lop. She has a broken black mom and a solid black tort dad. Her pedigree has all blacks and black torts and one solid blue who is her great grandsire. I also have a black tort holland lop buck that has only black and black tort in his lines. I’m wondering if I...
  5. Kate7654

    Could I breed a chestnut to black tort holland lop?

    I am starting to get in to breeding Holland’s for 4h and show and I was wondering if I could get showable babies breeding black tort and chestnut Holland’s. would breeding these 2 wreck the color of either. The black tort’s parents and grandparents are all black tort as well and I don’t know...
  6. Kate7654

    Should you get up in the middle of the night on a does due date?

    So my doe is due this week and I was wondering if I should get up in the middle of the night to check on her or can I just let her be and wake up early and check on her.
  7. Kate7654

    Pregnant rabbit acting strange.

    i have a 3.5 year old pregnant holland lop named Bella. She is on her 19 day of being pregnant and is acting so weird. She is thumping like crazy whenever I come up to her and running hot laps around the yard then stopping to thump. Is this normal for a pregnant rabbit?
  8. Kate7654

    Help! I dropped my rabbit.

    Two days ago I picked up my rabbit Bella after playtime to put her back in her cage. She flailed and jump out of my arms and landed and her back. She fell about 4 feet. After that she hopped away just fine. She’s been hopping all normal running around like crazy and completely being herself...
  9. Kate7654

    What could I get breeding to black tort HL together?

    so I have one broken black tort doe Bella and one solid black tort doe Benny. Bred them together and Bella’s due in about two weeks and I was wondering if I could get anything other than black and broken black torts? Both of them have on parent being solid black so I was wondering if there was...
  10. Kate7654

    Is my holland lop a false dwarf?

    I have two holland lop rabbits. My doe Bella is slightly over 4 pounds. She’s like 4 1/2 pounds. She has long ears to. I just bred her to a for sure true dwarf buck Benny. I would be certain she’s a false dwarf except that her old owner who bred her twice said that in her first litter she had a...
  11. Kate7654

    Rabbits afraid of dog.

    So I have two holland lops that before this incident we’re perfectly happy with me and my dog (who would never ever hurt them) coming out to feed them and give them exercise. But one of my neighbors dogs keeps getting out and barking and scratching at the hutch which is so frustrating. And now...
  12. Kate7654

    Can I move a pregnant doe?

    I have a doe that’s just turned 3. She hasn’t been breed in 7 months. I live in Minnesota and winters are so cold and my rabbits stay in the garage in the winter witch keeps adults warm enough but not young kits. I would like to Breed my doe before winter sets in but, we are switching her into a...
  13. Kate7654

    Meet Bella, Benny, Midnight, and me

    Hi, I’m Katelyn. I’ve been looking around on RO and posting a few questions but, I realized I haven’t introduced myself. I have two holland lops. One is a broken tort her name is Bella. And the other is a Black tort and his name is Benny. I also have and 8 year old blue mini lop. Her name is...
  14. Kate7654

    Is this rabbit diarrhea?

    So I just got two new rabbits. They are both 3 years old. One has had bad poops. She had some yesterday and some today around the same time. I’m wondering what I should do about it? She’s also been normal pooping and is acting normal. Still eating drinking and running around. She didn’t get much...
  15. Kate7654

    Should I decrease pellets for my rabbits?

    So I got two new rabbits. At their old home all they are are were pellets. They are holland lops and got a third of a cup of pellets a day. I am starting to feed them unlimited hay now which they really seem to like. Should I cut back on pellets or not?
  16. Kate7654

    Introducing a older rabbit to hay.

    I just got a new rabbit from a breeder and she doesn’t feed hay to her rabbits. I’m wondering how would I start to introduce hay to her?
  17. Kate7654

    Help! Can I breed an orange holland lop to a broken black tort holland lop?

    I’m wondering if I can breed an orange Holland lop with a broken black tort holland lop. The orange is the buck and he carries dilute and chocolate. Both of his parents were orange/chocolate harlequins. I haven’t gotten the doe’s pedigree yet. If I did breed these two what might I get? Thanks!