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  1. FuzzyBunny ph

    Cocopeat as litter?

    Hi! does anybody know if Cocopeat is safe to use as litter for bunnies? I've seen some owners use this and the packages of these say its safe but I can't find much info about it to know if it is truly safe for bunnies.
  2. FuzzyBunny ph

    Promax safe for bunnies?

    There's this bunny that was confined last week (not mine, someone who messaged the page asking for help, we're just guiding her). Bunny is got the okay signal to be discharged today. One of the take home meds was Promax which is said to be a probiotic. The vet is an exotic vet and they usually...
  3. FuzzyBunny ph

    Senior Bunny has Liver Issues

    She's 8 and a half years old already so last month, I brought her to our vet for a check up. I requested to have blood work done to see if everything is okay. Results showed that she had issues with her liver and was prescribed 0.3ml of Tefrosol...
  4. FuzzyBunny ph

    Storm arriving in the Philippines

    There's a very strong storm coming in the Philippines. This is just a reminder to any Filipino members to please keep your pets indoors. The strong winds and intense rain can stress them out so bad especially if they stay outside =( If you guys need to evacuate, be sure you have all their...
  5. FuzzyBunny ph

    Vet-made pet essential oils

    I found out from one of the facebook rabbit groups about an essential oil created by a vet for pets called Animaleo. I still do believe that any form of strong fragrance that may seem pleasant to us can be harmful to our buns, but whats your take on this? Here's their take on their essential...
  6. FuzzyBunny ph

    Dextrose Powder

    Does anyone here give Dextrose Powder to their bunny as a form of first aid? It bothers me that a lot of people in the philippine rabbit community tend to give this for ANY situation: stasis, diarrhea, e.cuniculi, heat stroke, you name it, that is what they will recommend. I personally...
  7. FuzzyBunny ph

    Small Pet Select Officially in the Philippines

    I know there are a handful of Filipino rabbit owners in the forum, I would just want to announce that our friend is now the official distributor of Small Pet Select! A brand that I've been dreaming of trying since 2011 is officially in the Philippines! Yes, I know there are already sellers that...
  8. FuzzyBunny ph

    List of Vets in the Philippines

    Hello! I'm the owner of the page in facebook, I compiled a list of rabbit savvy vets for those in the Philippines a few years ago and I still updated it if I find a new vet than can cater to rabbits. For those who are in the Philippines and are struggling to find a vet in their...