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    How do I make everything less overwhelming?

    I love my bunnies. They are like children to me. I love each and every one as well as their unique personalities. I have 6 "pet" bunnies whom are all bonded. I would like to efficiently take them outdoors to play without it being a whole big fuss. My youngest 2 are special needs and do not...
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    Struggling with my bunnies' death.

    I know this is a bit morbid and I apologise. But I'm struggling a bit. How do people accept the thought that one day their bunnies will pass? I tend to overthink a lot and this possibly be one of those cases but lately I have been so upset and in tears knowing that my babies will one day wither...
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    My bunny is not okay

    My bunny is not doing great. She isn't sickly or anything but she is just wanting to be picked up which is not like her. She never ever chews anything besides her newspapers, her sticks or toilet rolls but she is frantically gnawing on everything in site. I have checked her feet, her teeth and...
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    Randomly? Thumping

    My bunny has been thumping her back foot. She is fine and goes into her "hiding spot" under my one cabinet and starts thumping her one leg. I know it's a sign of anger/displeasure/fear but there is nothing to indicate she is scared or whatever the case may be. She is all perky and fine until she...
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    Desperately need help please

    Please can someone help me. I am hand rearing 3 baby bunnies. They are 8 days old today. The one is still microscopic (think he may be a peanut but he seems well) the other can not latch but otherwise is okay, the biggest one is doing great except that his head is always skew. The others can...
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    How do I keep kits warm

    This is my 5th time with babies (not from same mom) and these babies just won't stay warm. Mom didn't pull any fur really and I don't feel comfortable ripping fur from her. She has rejected the babies completely and I'm at a loss at what to do with the babies. They are feeding fine (mom has...
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    Ants and Flies

    I stay in Cape Town, South Africa. Currently we are experiencing a large "pest" infestation as result from the drought. It is going into Autumn now but days are still really hot. Anyway, we are sitting with hoards of flies in the hutches as well as ants filling all the posts of them too. I clean...