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  1. Spikethebunny

    Goodbye, Dear Spike

    Spike was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a week ago. He fought the good fight and really tried, but this morning he fell over trying to come for breakfast and never got back up. :( He would've been ten this October, and until this month, rarely had a sick day (the vet couldn't...
  2. Spikethebunny

    Will het starve on hay only? (soft stools)

    Spike has had instances of soft stool the last week. He has been to the vet, we've analyzed his poop and diet and we determined I was being too much of a sucker lately and offering a few too many snacks (by snacks, it was always either a piece of romaine lettuce or a hay-based pellet). The vet...
  3. Spikethebunny

    Scared about dental

    Spike has had a runny eye for a few months now. Our rabbit savvy vet did a thorough exam and thought it could possibly be a tooth issue, but as Spike was eating/drinking/pooping normally and will sit and eat Tim hay for hours, he prescribed drops and left it at that. We talked about x-rays, but...
  4. Spikethebunny

    Not pooping as much as usual, but eating/drinking/peeing normally?

    My nine-year-old Spike isn't pooping as much as usual. His diet hasn't changed and he still comes running for his greens and pellets (he gets VERY little pellets--he has more of a hay/greens based diet) and is eating hay and drinking water. He's not shedding, he's not hunched over, his tummy...
  5. Spikethebunny

    Twig-like things in new Oxbow Timothy Hay bags

    It looks like Oxbow has changed their Tim hay into a new fresher bag with a ziplock type seal, and Spike has been going crazy for it, so it's definitely working for the freshness things. The only thing is, ever since the switch, I've been finding these twig looking things in every bag. Lots of...
  6. Spikethebunny

    Pee Dribbles

    My little Spike is almost 9 years old. He sleeps in a cat tent most of the day, usually only appearing after 5pm. Yesterday he came out three hours early, and when I looked in the tent, I found two patches of pee. He has a towel in the bottom of his x-pen, and I noticed a couple spots following...
  7. Spikethebunny

    Do older buns sleep more?

    Spike is a little over 8 years old now, and I've noticed in the last month or so, he seems to be sleeping a lot more. He used to sleep all day and get active around 10pm. Now, he prefers to nap most of the time, even evenings. His pen is always open, but he rarely comes out anymore. I have been...
  8. Spikethebunny

    He ate a chip off his food dish!

    This morning I fed Spike and I accidentally left the pellet dish down with him (I usually take it away when he is finished, but I was sleepy and forgot). I woke up to the sounds of him CHEWING on the dish. It's glass. He managed to nibble away two tiny chips. I am freaking out! I think he...
  9. Spikethebunny

    Guilt/worry about going on vacations - do you get it?

    So, I have to go away for a few days in July and although hubby is staying with Spike, I am concerned about leaving him. He has been having little bouts of gas more and more lately (which I posted about a few weeks ago) so I worry he may get sick while I am not there. Hubby knows how to treat...
  10. Spikethebunny

    Can gas get more frequent with age?

    Spike turns 7 in the fall. Over the years, we have had small bouts with gas, probably once every six months or so. But lately, it has become more frequent and is happening at odd times. The vet says he is very healthy (good teeth, clear tummy, healthy poops) and chalked it up to a sensitive...
  11. Spikethebunny

    Fleece and licking

    So, we have hardwood floors everywhere and Spike is a major chewer. He slips everywhere on the hardwood, and we have tried everything for him for flooring but he chews it. Currently, he lays and runs on towels, but I'm concerned about him chewing those too. I read on here that fleece is a little...
  12. Spikethebunny

    Does your bun make noises?

    Spike turned 6 last year, and it seems in the last few months, he has found his voice. I've heard the odd thing over the years. Once, he squealed a bit in protest when I picked him up. He likes to grind his teeth while getting pets. And then there was the awful 2am visit to the emergency two...
  13. Spikethebunny

    Spike is showing some love!

    Spike is going through a shed right now, and when that happens, he always gets new patterns and stuff appearing. Tonight I noticed, his new fur is coming in in the shape of a heart. Must be because he is so loved. :-)
  14. Spikethebunny

    Painting and buns?

    So I just got 24 hours notice from my super that they will be coming into my apartment tomorrow to repair & paint my bathroom ceiling (there was a leak above and the paint chipped off). I actually tried to tell them it wasn't necessary and that I get migraines in paint smells, but they...
  15. Spikethebunny

    Chewing Help! Not sleeping thanks to bunny antics...

    I'm not sure what to do about Spike. He has always been a very chewy bunny. As in, he chews EVERYTHING. We even sometimes find holes in our shirts and pants after he pays us a visit. The problem is, he generally also swallows what he chews, instead of spitting it out. This limits us in a lot of...
  16. Spikethebunny

    Does taking your bunny friend to the vet for a check up stress you out as much as it does them?

    So, on Saturday, Spike has his check-up coming up. It is a big ordeal taking him to the vet. He can't stand being picked up and runs away from me when he realizes I am going to try to do just that. Getting him in his carrier is so stressful for both of us! At the vet, the poor thing is so...
  17. Spikethebunny

    Spike keeps having more and more moments of "not eating"

    We used to deal with stasis in Spike maybe once or twice a year. His diet has, and still is, unlimited Tim hay (which he devours), greens, and a very small amount of pellets. This is the same diet I have given him for 5 years. Once a week, sometimes less, he gets a treat - either a small piece...
  18. Spikethebunny


    Last night and this morning, I heard spike sneeze a few times in succession. Each time, it was after having a marathon hay eating session. He is eating and going to the bathroom normally and has lots of energy. I don't see anything in his eyes or nose (no mucus or runniness as far as I can...
  19. Spikethebunny

    Hoppy Birthday Spike!

    Spike turns 5 today! He is such a loveable little guy, and I am lucky to have him in my life. He deserves to be spoiled today, and he is ready to party:
  20. Spikethebunny

    Spike grooming more

    I've noticed the last few days, Spike seems to be grooming a bit more than usual. He is not scratching, his ears and everything look normal. Appetite and energy are all normal. Our place has been a bit warmer since turning off the a/c (we have the warmest apartment ever). Could he just be trying...