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  1. Alfredo's Mum

    Not eating hay and drinking water

    Hi, A while back I discussed about Alfredo needing to get incisor removal. Well it finally happened, along with his neutering. It has been a little over 48 hours and his demeanor is normal and he is more that willing to eat up all the food he can get (recovery food, watered down pellets, and...
  2. Alfredo's Mum

    EMERGENCY! Broken Tooth

    Hi I need help. My rabbit has bad dental issues and he has very long incisors and ia going in for a removal on June 28th. But just today when I was our my parents wee looking after him and when they were trying to out him back he jumped out of their arms and somehow broke his bottom teeth from...
  3. Alfredo's Mum

    RHD Vaccine in Vancouver, BC

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone knows of any veterinary clinics or vaccine clinics within the lower mainland for the RHD vaccine?
  4. Alfredo's Mum

    Sherwood Adult Pellets Difference

    Hi, Just wanted to ask around to other bunny owners. I'm having some trouble choosing which Sherwood Adult Rabbit pellets to buy. I know each has so slight variant to it and if anyone can help me gain some knowledge on it that would be great. The two foods I am looking at is:
  5. Alfredo's Mum

    Rabbit Malocclusion

    Hi, My bunny is going on 6 months and we have been seriously thinking about getting his incisors extracted. Issue is that all the "exotic" vets in our area we wont be able to afford it. He is really good at eating his hay, and the first teeth trimming we went to said that as long as he is...
  6. Alfredo's Mum

    Housing two rabbits in seperate enclosures

    Hi I'm new to this forum and just wanted to gain some knowledge of how to house two rabbits. I currently have my boy bunny Alfredo (5 months) housed in a large x penned area in a room. Since he is nearing his neutering my partner and I have been seriously looking into getting him paired with a...