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  1. Shayhara

    Pictures of our Keepers!

    Just wanted to share some pictures of the buns we have kept back from our spring litters. I am pretty happy with all of them. Though I wouldn't say any of them are "perfect". I want to see what they look like as the mature into seniors and finish filling out. The Mini lops Smith's The Master -...
  2. Shayhara

    8 week old GTBS mini lop bucks, Who's the best??

    So the babies are now 8 weeks old, closer to nine now actually. I did some indepth posing and photo shoot the other day. The pictures are not GREAT, and some are not as centered as they should be, but I am hoping for some critiques of these guys. I know I want to keep one of the GTBS I just...
  3. Shayhara

    Is this a tri-colored Mini rex kit?

    Well the babies are here and will be two weeks old on Thursday. Here is the link to the other topic to refresh any memories I have two castors, two blacks and then this one. I was hoping for Tri colors and was thinking this was one...
  4. Shayhara

    Mini lops are 6 weeks, LOTS of pictures

    Well our two mini lop litters just hit six weeks. I finally have some idea of who I am keeping so here are some pictures of the ones I am sure I am keeping ( at least to 4 months) at the bottom will be the ones I am thinking of keeping. I wanted to keep a total of ten from these two litters but...
  5. Shayhara

    HELP! Three week old baby with a cold!

    I know this should go in Emergency or Health issue area, but this is where I am always at, and so I feel like I should put it here. So I was taking pictures of the babies today and generally playing with them etc. When I got to the gold tipped steels in CT10's litter I saw one of them had a...
  6. Shayhara

    Mini lop babies 17 days old! Still not sure on all the colors!

    Here are A LOT more pictures of the mini lop babies! They are 17 days old. I went out last night to make sure they all had food and water (my husband did chores that morning as I had to work early) and ended up spending two hours out in the bunny barn playing with the cute little babies...
  7. Shayhara

    What color are these mini lop babies?

    These kits belong to my broken black mini lop doe. The dad is a chestnut agouti. I accidently left the pedigree book at my moms when I was visiting her this weekend so I can't tell you what all he has in his pedigree but I remember in her pedigree there is sable, sable point, blacks, steels...
  8. Shayhara

    Pictures of the baby mini lops! Lots of Pics!

    Pictures of the babies! Taken today at three days old. The broken black doe (Moppet) we bred to the chestnut agouti buck had 9 kits, there where three solids and six solids. Now today I can't find the second grey solid. I searched the nest box (feeling under the fur etc) I tried for a few...
  9. Shayhara

    First time moms! Two Mini lop litters

    I am so proud of my girls. My two mini lop does both kindled today. First litters for both of them, and they did it like a pro, Both made nice nests with lots of hair, both put all the babies in the nest, and so far both have fed the babies! For first timers I couldn't ask for more. These...
  10. Shayhara

    Show results

    I want to start by saying Sorry this is so long! lol Well we went to the maquoketa show. It was a ton of fun. Even though I only had four hours of sleep. I showed my two jr mini rex who I expected to do well. And four junior mini lops who I had mixed expectations of. Everyone I thought would do...
  11. Shayhara

    Just wanted to share some Mini Lop Pictures

    You may remember my excitement over a 4 hour one way drive I was going to make to Ill. to meet a Mini lop breeder and pick up some new stock. Well I have them home now, and finally have some pictures of them. None of them are perfect, but the breeder was honest with me about their strengths and...
  12. Shayhara

    Check out my new bunnies

    I just made a new website with all my new bunnies on it. Take a look at let me know what you think! Its still under construction, let me know what you like and or dislike.
  13. Shayhara

    Feels good when you know they are going to a great home!

    Well as many of you know I am pretty much starting over with my mini lops. Leaving Monday for the 8 hour(round trip) drive to pick up my new five Mini lops. Two bucks and three does. Very excited too. But that said, I had five bucks and two does I needed to find new homes for. I am happy to say...
  14. Shayhara

    Cute Baby Bunny Pictures

    Here are some pictures of one of our current litters of Mini lops. Eva has seven kits. Six of her own and one of my other Mini lop Ninja's. One of Eva's kits is being fostered by my Mini rex doe. so Eva had nine kits, lost one, and I fostered one to my mini rex because she only had one (non...
  15. Shayhara

    Pic heavy -What color is this broken Mini lop kit??

    This is the kit that I posted about before but only had face pictures. Here are some pictures I took tonight. I took some of it by itself, and some with its brother/sister the broken black as well as some with the broken agouti my other mini lop has (same age) to show the difference in color...
  16. Shayhara

    What color could these be??? Baby pics!

    This is the second time I bred these two rabbits. Alex(chestnut agouti) and Ninja (broken chestnut agouti) the first time I got black, agouti,(both solid and broken) and martinized pointed whites. This time I thought I had three martinized pointed whites (unshowable, but have people who love...
  17. Shayhara

    Is squirrel (blue chinchilla) a showable color for mini lops?

    Was in touch with a breeder who I was suppose to be getting a doe from, but the doe she has available just doesn't have a good enough crown for what I need. She sent me a couple pictures of bucks. An opal witch I love and a broken squirrel which has one of the better crowns I have seen in a...
  18. Shayhara

    Help! Doe dumped box of kits over. Now what do I do?

    First of all I want to say how lucky I am that this is the first time I have had this issue in my adult rabbit rasing life. My mini lop doe Eva had her litter of seven kits on the 21st. All went well the first two days. She has had babies before. Today I went out to do chores to find she had...
  19. Shayhara

    Opinions my Mini lops please

    Here are some posed and not so posed pictures of my senior mini lops. Let me know what you think. I know they are not great, but tell me what strengths you see as well as what their weaknesses are. Thanks! Mini lop bucks- Alex - Chestnut agouti (I thought I fixed the sideways pictures...
  20. Shayhara

    Opinions on Jr. Mini rex- and on my posing

    Here are some pictures of my two jr Mini rex. These are the two I kept from my favorite pair. Let me know what you think, both good and bad. I have a really hard time posing them and taking the picture. I can get them looking perfect but as soon as I pick up the camera they have moved a foot...