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  1. katt

    Love, Silly Rabbit

    I just wanted to drop in for a moment to let all those that aren't on facebook know, that recently I made the had choice of having Winnie put down. Those that checked my blog out would have gotten the news that she was very sick. We finally decided that the pain she was in outweighed the desire...
  2. katt


    Hannah texted me this morning asking me to post in the RB section about her little man Vegas. Vegas passed over today due to extreme teeth issues. He will be missed. On a personal note, Vegas was one of my favorite RO bunnies so I myself am really upset about this news, and I know that...
  3. katt

    another piercing. . . already

    So I will post photos tomorrow, but had to share that I got my inner conch pierced today and I love it! I only did one side (the right hand side) and will go back in a few months maybe to get the left side done, but wanted to wait cause I want to get an orbital conch! And I am totally in LOVE...
  4. katt

    2 bunnies, 1 cage

    So here is my big news! Wasn't going to post this for a while until I knew that everything would go completely kosher, but I just can't keep it a secret anymore! So the other night I am moving things around my room, and I told my roommate that I couldn't wait to get down to 1 cage again...
  5. katt


    was going to go to bed (ha! sure bed before 2 am. . . that would be a first) but I figured I would take the time to try to explain what 'crown' is for peg (and anyone else). the crown is basically a big bulk of bone between the ears. This boney growth will determine just what kind of lop...
  6. katt

    Showing off some spring pics!

    yes, I named my camera. Sasha seems to go everywhere with me these days! just had to show off for all my non-facebook friends! first hit of spring! I am really proud of myself cause I am starting to use custom settings instead of auto. the more photos i take, the...
  7. katt

    about that getting healthy and dropping the pounds thing. . .

    I am a failure. a complete and total failure. got on the scale today, and bam gained 8 pounds in like one month. I have NOT been eating healthy. and I can totally tell. and the worse part is: my higher the scale gets, the more I just want to sit down with a bag of cookies and say...
  8. katt

    about to pull my hair out!!!

    so I understand that spiders are great for the environment. we normally set our differences aside (me hating all types of creepy crawlies and them hating the idea of being squashed) but I draw the line when it comes to sharing my bed with them. laying watching a movie and feel something...
  9. katt


    so I am addicted to face book. who else? anyone I am not friends with? my email is [email protected] feel free to add me! just make sure to put a note on the request saying who you are from RO!
  10. katt

    Willy the one eyed goldfish

    just had to say that i was way excited to find the perfect present for my roommate's 23rd birthday. she is a fish keeper, has a tank at her boyfriends house. tonight i found her a one eyed goldfish. felt so bad for him, that i brought him home, and she is completely in love with him. i...
  11. katt

    Willy the one eyed goldfish

  12. katt

    Did I come off to mean?

    so I check craigslist out daily, just to keep my eye on what animals are looking for new homes, and try to offer help to anyone I can. But I sometimes get upset, angry enough to see red and write an email to someone looking for a rabbit. this post just got to me: so naturally, i rushed...
  13. katt

    wish me luck!

    about to head out the door! have a big allergy skin test going on today. we are holding hope for some answers as to why i am always breaking out in hives and such! anyway, what better way to spend your morning then getting poked by lots of needles ?!?! wish me luck!
  14. katt

    extremely fast progression of fur mites??? *UPDATED* NO MITES

    Winnie is a 4 1/2 year old black female mini lop. she is spayed and lives indoors, although does go outside for romps during the summer. i noticed a few months ago that winnie went through her normal seasonal molt. it was a bad one, but everything was find after about a week of molting...
  15. katt

    external flash?

    so i was going to look into getting another lens as my next purchase for my new camera. but i am thinking instead about getting an external flash. so i was looking around amazon. but i am totally lost. what kind do i get? this one is much more in my price range, but should i just...
  16. katt

    Name Your Camera

    I just got a nikon d3000 and love having it! so what kind of camera do you all use?
  17. katt

    another camera thread

  18. katt

    my bunny-napping list. . .

    i remember doing this a while back, and it was fun then, so thought i would bring it back! list the forum buns that you would bunnynap if you had he chance. mine would be as fallows: pOker's Vegas fuzz16's Fallow Haley's Max and basil (gotta have both) bassetluv's Yofi Peg's...
  19. katt

    another camera thread

    so i am going to do it. i have been talking about getting a DSLR camera for over a year now. i have about 2 weeks untill get my tax return, and i am going to spend a chunk of it on getting myself a nice new camera. i am now lookin hard into what camera i want now while i drool over a nikon...
  20. katt

    cleaning tips

    so about 2 years ago, i noticed that my skin was starting to become sensetive to a lot of stuff. so i cut out as many hard core cleaners and scented stuff. now, starting 6 months ago, i am finding i can't use ANYTHING without reacting to it. toothpaste. . . not at all, so i switched to an...