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  1. Bunniless

    Heartbreaking visit to the bunny shelter

    Today we drove out of state to the nearest bunny shelter to complete an adoption orientation and meet some of the eligible buns. It was sooo exciting. There were rabbits of every shape and color (not every size though, all these rabbits were big, compared to my Netherland Dwarf at least. Even...
  2. Bunniless

    So nervous--tomorrow is the day!

    Tomorrow I have an appointment at the shelter to discuss adopting a pair/trio and to meet potential bunnies. I'm so excited because I've been dying to pet a bunny for the last few weeks, and there are none to be found around here. But how will I know which ones to choose? What if I start crying...
  3. Bunniless

    What do you think (pictures of my prospective buns)

    If I'm going to go with a bonded trio, my options are somewhat limited. I am not partial to rabbits with long hair, or to those who are extra-large, after having spent my entire adult life with a Netherland Dwarf. The first picture is of three brothers who are Netherland Dwarf mixes. They...
  4. Bunniless

    DIY bonding: how hard is it?

    I have an appointment to meet rabbits at the shelter, and I'm in the market for a bonded pair or trio. I'm nervous about going because, what if I fall in love with a bunny who's a single? Should I pass that one up since I'm determined to have at least two bonded bunnies? Or is it relatively easy...
  5. Bunniless

    Are females terrible?

    For the past nine years I've had a male Netherland Dwarf rabbit who was fantastic. He recently passed away and I am looking for a bonded pair or trio. I was surprised to read on a few different sites that males are much easier, friendlier and better pets than females. I'll be adopting from a...
  6. Bunniless

    Does anyone just use a gated enclosure rather than a cage?

    I'm thinking of the play yards you get for small children--free standing gated enclosures with no bottom. I could set this up on a vinyl floor, and the top would be open all the time. We don't have cats and our daughter can't climb/open the gate. By the time she can, she'll be old enough to...
  7. Bunniless

    To match or not to match? Just for fun

    I'm in the process of browsing the bunnies for adoption in my area, and I'm interested in bonded pairs/trios. I'm surprised by how many there are to choose from. Sometimes the bunnies look identical to one another, sometimes they look complimentary, and some pairs--even sibling pairs, look...
  8. Bunniless

    Differences in care and temperament between dwarf and larger rabbits

    Hello, I am considering adopting a pair or trio of bunnies (I don't currently have any), and my previous experience has been with dwarf rabbits--one in particular. It's been years since I have even seen a full-size rabbit in person. The representative I'm in contact with at the shelter is...
  9. Bunniless

    Lights are on, but nobunny's home :-/

    Hello, I am brand new to this site, and have recently lost my Netherland Dwarf bunny. I'd had him for more than nine years--my entire adult life. I'm struggling now with the decisions involved in re-bunnifying my life. I have a daughter who is almost two, and a new baby on the way. I had...