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  1. MagPie

    ATTN: LOTS of rabbits (N. California)

    So last night I got a mass email from a lady who works at my local SPCA in Sacramento (I used to volunteer) that over 50 rabbits got dropped off by a breeder. From the looks of it they are mostly long haired breeds, like lionheads and angoras. So lots of bunnies looking for homes. They are...
  2. MagPie

    Sweet Bun at the Sacramento SPCA

    I am still not sure why I thought going to the SPCA was a good idea to look at rabbits (I don't really have room for another). But I went to visit the bunnies and one little REW jump out to me right away. He is the sweetest little guy. The minute I came up to his cage he jumped forward to...
  3. MagPie


    One of my neighbors spotted some roaches in their apartment so now my apartment building is getting treated to prevent an invasion. Now the hand out they gave me said the apartment needs to empty for at least two hours after they spray. However I of course worry about Harvey if that two hours...
  4. MagPie


    Oh so lucky me usually gets stuck at work by myself for 3 hours. That's not so bad when I have something to do, but I'm usually just babysitting the store really. And counting the minutes. Anyway know some good work safe sites I can kill the next hour on?
  5. MagPie

    Cage for anyone near Sacramento

    Well, since building Harvey's new NIC enclosure I have no use of his old cage. Free to anyone who wants it. Good for dwarf breeds only :)
  6. MagPie

    Getting Harvey to eat more hay!

    I took Harvey to the vet Tuesday for a general check up before I go on vacation in June. He checks out good other than being a little tad bit over weight (oops haha) and she was a little concerned about his molars. Not enough that she wanted to have them worked on, but they might improve by...
  7. MagPie

    What to do in case of an emergency

    To start off I have days off from work on Tuesday and Weds. Which makes me very thankful after the day I had yesterday. Well, anyway I have new neighbors above me. They moved in less than a week ago. They seem ok, aside from the fact that the guy leaves his cigarette butts every where and...
  8. MagPie

    Dig box

    So the last couple of mornings Harvey has developed this habit of digging in my sheets and comforter. Which I'd rather he didn't and got me thinking I need to set up a dig box for him. But I wasn't sure what I should use. It's always my clothes and towels he likes digging in. So I thought dirt...
  9. MagPie

    So Harvey doesn't like Oxbow

    Yeah he doesn't like the good food. AAaah I switched him back in Jan from the Kaytee brand I was feeding him. Oxbow would be cheaper for me in the long run. But while he has been on it he will only eat a small bit of it, unlike when he was on the Kaytee brand he always finished it. So to...
  10. MagPie

    Looking for a pet sitter (CAL)

    This might be a long shot, but does anyone know a good trustworthy pet sitter in the Sacramento area? I am looking for someone to watch my two cats and of course the rabbit. Hopefully someone who won't charge an arm and a leg. Thanks.
  11. MagPie

    Neat little Trick

    So as you know Harvey really loves his oats. So much so he'll stick his head into the oats tubey thing. I don't keep them in bags because he'll just tear thru the bag to get to the oats. Well hey I thought they would be safe in the container they come in since it has a lid. Hah! When it's...
  12. MagPie

    Dead bunny flop

    I have this big floor to ceiling window in my living room that Harvey likes to sun bathe on the window sill. He gets so comfortable sitting there that he starts napping. So I was watching him in that window the other day. He kept trying really hard to dead bunny flop on that sill that is not...
  13. MagPie

    Oh the ordeal....

    Well, Harvey needs his nails trimmed back and I haven't had the confidance to do it myself. I'm nervous about hurting him so he senses that and freaks out when I pick him up. I've gotten him trained pretty well where I can get him to go where I want him to without picking him. Man oh man, you...
  14. MagPie

    My sweet sleepy boy

    DSC_0023 by Magpie8203, on Flickr He actually was napping so I could snaps some pictures. He's so cute. I wanted to get one where his head was to the side and his cute little bunny lips but he moved while I got the camera.
  15. MagPie

    Something spooked Harvey

    Poor guy. I had put him to bed last night at 11:30pm, when normally I let him run around until 1am. But I was tired and wanted to go to bed early. Anyway at 12:30am he wakes me from a dead sleep, with thumping. Now this wasn't his I'm mad at you so I will thump. This was the I'm scared...
  16. MagPie

    Gluten Free...

    So I've always been kind of curious about the whole gluten free diet. So when a customer dropped off a sample of her gluten free cookies she's been trying to sell, I decided to try it myself. I've always liked trying new things when it comes to food. I love food haha. I'm kind of a sweet tooth...
  17. MagPie

    Need fish help

    I feel a little silly asking for fish help on a rabbit forum, but I'm not on any fish forums hah. Anyway I have a 10 gallon planted tank that I set up over a year ago. I've had 3 danios (of some sort) in there for less than a year. They've been doing great. Way active, eat great. So I...
  18. MagPie

    Trying to Photograph Harvey

    Now that I found the cord to charge my camera batteries, I've been trying to photograph Harvey more. Not the easiest thing to do with a hyperactive bunny. Most of the time he looks like a white blur. So I figure oh I'll get pictures of him relaxing (whenever he does that). oneEarharvey...
  19. MagPie

    Thoughts on switching Pellets

    So when I first got Harvey back in July, the people before me were feeding him that junk rabbit foodfrom the dollar store and that was it. It took me almost two months to switch his food to a Kaytee brand of pellets. It took a little longer than I would have liked because at the time he was on...
  20. MagPie

    Naughty Bun

    Oh Harvey...he was being extra naughty last night haha. First I discovered he chewed my phone charger in two. Really my fault I forgot about it and it was within reach. He's usually good about wires too. Then I go to put him to bed and he proceeds to dump and turn his litter box upside...