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  1. jacobyjl

    Chilling/Cooling Stone

    Hot weather is approaching very quickly and I think it’s necessary to get my rabbit a cooling stone to lay on to stay cool. Where is a good place to find one or order one? He’s about a foot long when just laying down without his legs stretched out and I notice it’s very hard to find one that...
  2. jacobyjl

    Hardwood Floors

    My rabbit does not enjoy walking on hardwood flooring. What is the best way to introduce a rabbit to walking on it and getting comfortable with it?
  3. jacobyjl

    Rabbit Harness

    What kind/brand harness do you use? Does your rabbit like it or despise it or just not really care at all? Also, what is the best way to get a harness on your rabbit? I recently purchased a harness for my little guy and I haven’t been able to get it on him yet. He runs away every time. I’d love...