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    Need to Know!

    Hey guys, So just a quick question. Do you guys think my rabbit looks like a wild bun? I bought her from a pet store months ago and then bought one from a breeder to be friends with her. They are both dwarfs and spayed females, but i have always noticed differences between them. The one from...
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    Collars for Rabbits?

    Hey guys, SOOoooo i have an issue where my little girls will hop around my room and when i turn around they are gone. It takes me usually 20 minutes at least to find them. Are their collars with bells i can buy for them? I was at the pet store and even the kitten collars seemed a tad big...
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    My Rabbits HATE ME Now :(

    Hey all, I just moved into a new apartment with my two female/spayed dwarf rabbits. Well I've heard of some stress in animals after a move but this is ridiclous! They used to be very loving and would stand up to greet me and to be let out. Now when i come home they are cowering in a corner...
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    Uninterested Rabbits

    I have 2 female dwarf bunnies and they are both about 11 weeks old. They always want to be let out of their cage (chewing on the door, standing up on their hind legs when i walk over to them, etc.). When i do let them out they want absolutely nothing to do with me. They wont come to me even if i...
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    Rabit Cage Question

    I just bought a 3 1/2 month old dwarf bunny and got her a good sized cage, the kind that has the tray that slides out to change. Well i had to questions. First off the tray is a cool idea but at the same time all the bedding just falls through to the bottom within a day. Any suggestions on...