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  1. HoppyRabbits06

    Vet visit?

    Hey everyone so I need someone to clarify on this; rabbits need a yearly vet visit right? If yes then can you guys tell me what to expect when I take Pancho to the vet. He's doing fine and everything I just wanna make sure I have to take him to the vet for a check up.
  2. HoppyRabbits06


    My hair buster came in today and I really like it! It gets the job done plus Pancho likes the brush. He purrs as I brush him😂 I was really impressed on how much fur came out!
  3. HoppyRabbits06

    Emotional support rabbit

    As some of you know I struggle with ptsd. Recently I have been interested registering Pancho as an ESA. I just need to go to my therapist to do that. I just wanted to see if anyone has had experience with an emotional support bunny. 😊
  4. HoppyRabbits06

    I free roamed my rabbit!

    Hi everyone exciting news!! My rabbit is now free roamed!!😊😁 I feel so proud of myself for doing it! Pancho seems to be doing so much better. He does binkys and zoomies more often!😆
  5. HoppyRabbits06

    Mom is annoying!

    Hi guys, I know this is probably weird but I'm just going vent about my mother. Honestly this feels like a safe place for me to do it, so here I go. (Keep in mind we are Christian and my mom doesn't understand mental health.) Why can't you understand that I'm only 14? You do realize I'm still a...
  6. HoppyRabbits06

    Have you used the FURminator?

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you guys have use the FURminator on your rabbit(s). I will get a hairbuster soon but for now the FURminator is one of my only options. Tell me your experiences with it! Do you like it? What about your rabbit(s)? Is there anything you don't like about it?
  7. HoppyRabbits06

    Bunny passed away💔

    Hello everyone one of my rabbits has passed away. I’d rather not discuss how he passed away. My rabbits were bonded an they had an x pen they shared. They had a room for them but I’m thinking of free roaming the bunny I still have in my room. I hope you guys have tips on how my rabbit can cope...
  8. HoppyRabbits06

    What breed is your rabbit(s)?

    I would like to know what breed is your rabbits(s). My rabbits are Havana!😄
  9. HoppyRabbits06

    How often do you rotate your rabbits toys and how often do you but toys?

    Hello yesterday I posted a thread on rabbit toys. Today I'm wondering how often do you rotate your rabbit(s) toys and how often do you buy toys. Really curious on what you guys say. Thanks in advance!
  10. HoppyRabbits06

    Rabbit toys

    Hello, I am looking to buy (or make) new rabbit toys. My rabbits get bored so quickly. They both love when make DIY toys but I feel like its not's enough. (cardboard chews, toilet paper roll chews, or just chewing on the paper towel roll.) They both love chews that's for sure. They like the...