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  1. Watermelons

    Is Apple Stick Bouquet toy from oxbow safe?

    Just get rid of those thin strings that attatch it to the cardboard. And keep an eye on the thicker twine at the bottom on the toy and you should be good to go.
  2. Watermelons

    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    Yep hes the main character! The evil cockatoo! They were local and looking for friendly parrots that owners would be willing to have live with the trainer for a few months. We went to an audition which was more of a meet and greet. And just showed what he does how he waves, has a recall, can be...
  3. Watermelons

    Any tips of movies you can watch?

    There are no rabbits in it but my parrot stars in Cats & Dogs 3 Paws Unite. Its on Netflix
  4. Watermelons

    Switching to orchard grass hay

    This is exactly why we recommend people dont feed alfalfa hay at all. Oops! How much are you giving him for pellets? I might be inclined to cut him off the alfalfa cold turkey but you will need to make sure he continues to eat other stuff and not mostly pellets. You can also try other types of...
  5. Watermelons

    How to delete post?

    We dont delete posts unless they go against forum rules, provide wrong or dangerous information or a member of staff deem it necessary.
  6. Watermelons

    Composting Rabbit poop

    Absolutely However rabbit poop is considered more of a cold fertilizer and can be put right on the garden with out needing to compost it first.'s%20just%20no%20poop%20that,compost%20before%20you%20use%20it.
  7. Watermelons

    2 Month old Rex Jumping out of 30 in xpen??

    Rabbits jump 🤷‍♀️ 30" is kind of low. And even if you went higher many rabbits can learn to just climb out. Put a secure cover on it.
  8. Watermelons

    is there an alfalfa alternative for baby rabbits (I have allergies!!)

    We typically recommend not feeding alfalfa hay as it can be difficult to switch them to grass hay when they get older. Aslong as their pellets are alfalfa based or designed for youngsters youre good. Not just "alfalfa pellets" but actual pellets with all the vitamins and minerals they need. We...
  9. Watermelons

    What breed is my Bonnie Boy?

    Definitely not
  10. Watermelons

    Is this blood?

    Peroxide will still do that to urine. Looks more like pee. Monitor and if it keeps happening you have have to ensure there isnt a UTI
  11. Watermelons

    Rabbit breed?

    That colour pattern is simply "broken" which dozens of breeds come in. English spots are an arched breed with very specific spotting and body type, nothing like the OPs photos. @Astrx your bun is simply a cute mix.
  12. Watermelons

    Preventing Babies

    Shes probably already pregnant. Either move up their appointments or get ready for babies. They need to be kept seperate for at least a solid month after they have been fixed as well. Thereis no way to keep them together. They shouldnt even be allowed to touch between bars because he can still...
  13. Watermelons

    Revolution for rabbits

    Even 30mg isnt technically strong enough for a 6lb bunny. Youll want the 45mg/tube one. 46.8mg for a 6lb rabbit. It will be up to a vet to dispense for you.
  14. Watermelons

    Advice on my rabbit’s diet please!!

    He is pretty much done growing so pellets can be limited to 1/4 cup per day. Unlimited hay. More leafy greens - variety, less fruit. A small treat of fruit here or there is okay.
  15. Watermelons

    What do ya'll use for bedding?

    Its not recommended to use shavings or paper bedding in the sleep area as again that can encourage your rabbit to go to the bathroom there. We typically suggest the only place you use "litter" or "bedding" like that is the litter box. If they are litter trained and not big chewers just give...
  16. Watermelons

    What do ya'll use for bedding?

    Most people dont use any bedding as soft places can encourage buns to pee there. If you know your rabbit is good, and not a chewer or likely to pee there you can try fleece.
  17. Watermelons

    Accidentally Stepped on Bunny

    Some of you are going to end up on moderated posting pretty quickly here. Consider this an official warning. Any person, any age, needs to be held responsible for looking after any animals they bring home. Child or adult, if you are not prepared to care for and SEEK VETERINAY ATTENTION when it...
  18. Watermelons

    Accidentally Stepped on Bunny

    Kinda eating is not great. Getting lucky with injuries is not great. Withholding medical care from animals is not great either. Rabbits are a prey species, they are designed to hide their pain and suffering. So not seeing signs of pain does NOT mean they are A-Okay!
  19. Watermelons

    switching pellets

    Garden select? Isnt simple harvest their hay? That sounds fine. I wouldnt worry too much you might be going a little over kill so relax and dont worry. Its the same brand And the garden select has more hay and goodness in it anyway.