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    Abby tearing out her hair

    Our long haired lion head has been self trimming the hair on her back, i looked at her teeth...she seems to be eating ok. Is it normal?
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    Dutchess went onto her back-?

    Today, while outside, Dutchess flopped onto her back with her feet in the air for half a minute. She then righted herself. Should i be concerned?
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    Trying to bond two female bunnies

    Am trying to bond 8 yr old Dutchess with 8 month old Abby. Both are spayed (Abby was spayed 2 1/2 wks ago). Have let them see each other by putting them in separate cages outdoors each day. They live indoors in separate floors if a two story cage. Abby pushed the indoor cage divider aside (two...
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    Abby was spayed today, so far, so good

    Have been really hesitant to get Abby spayed, because she is so small at 7 months (2.1 lbs). Today, our fantastic vet spayed her and she is home doing very well! Will give her meloxicam as directed and watch for infection. Maybe itwas a coincidence, but when i told Dutchess the good news from...
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    Minimum weight for spaying?

    Just postponed spay appt for Abigail for 1 1/2 month. She is a lionhead, 6 months old, but only weighs 869 grams. Vet said that is pretty light. She weighs less than our guinea pigs. Our other lionhead, Dutchess, is much older and weighs closeto 5 lbs, already fixed. Does anyone have experience...
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    Behaviors preventing bonding

    Have been trying to bond 8 yr old Dutchess with three year old Abigail for the past two months. Did scent swapping,cageswapping,putthem in side by side cages where they couldseeeachother. When i put themin a new unclaimedspace, Abigal humps poor Dutchess’ face. Dutchess seems to want to be face...
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    Recommended vitamin and mineral supplement?

    Read today that vit D and calcium are needed for bunnies who live indoors, to prevent dental disease.Our lonhead Dutchess has had spikes and spurs trimmed from her molars 3x and still wont eat hay, just veggies. Does anyone ise a supplement that they would recommend?
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    Is soy infant formula safe for bunnies?

    Our bunny Dutchess cannot be seen by the vet until next week (6 days away). Am giving her critical care by syringe but she really resists. I used to give guinea pigs with dental problems soy baby formula such as soyalac or prosobee but wonder if soy would lead to GI stasis in a bunny.
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    How to clean crust from young bunny’s ears

    Our really young lion head, Abigail, has crusty material on the outside of her ears. Is there someway i can remove it without hurting her? Warm water didnt remove it. She is about 3 months old and i am grooming her to prevent matting (she has long hair). Thank you.
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    How to groom long haired bunny?

    Our three month old, Abigail, has very long hair. I comb it with my fingers every day and remove bits of hay. But have noticed tiny mats forming. What mighy i use to groom her...a soft baby brush or comb or ? Thanks.
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    Very young female not eating tonight—digestive problem or darkness?

    Noticed our 2 1/2 month old lionhead, Abigail, was just sitting in her hay box and not eating her veggies. Got her out and held her. She went to sleep. Am wondering if bunnies stop eating after dark? It has started getting dark very early. Put her back and she began eating some dandelion leaf...
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    Male or female friend for widowed bunny if ages are very different?

    Am trying to find a new friend for our widowed 4 year old spayed lionhead, Dutchess. We lost Arnold, who was much older and neutered. Is there any advantage to findingher another male or would a younger female be ok? She seems unhappy alone. All the bunnies we have found nearby for rehoming are...
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    How to Comfort Bonded Bunny Who Lost Her Mate

    Dutchess just lost Arnold suddenly. He was older, and began dragging his back legs. We took him to two vets but despite hand feedings, meloxicam, and careful attention to not hurt his back, he just died. Would it help to get her a new mate or ? We put her stuffed animals in with her. We are all...
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    RIP lovely sweet Arnold bunny

    Our beloved Arnold passed suddenly today. He leaves behind his devoted Dutchess bunny. We will miss him greatly.
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    Bunny had runs, now dragging back legs, help please! (RIP)

    Arnold seemed reticent to eat today. Apparently had diarrhea from some wheatgrass i gave to him and his mate. I trimmed and cleaned his rear end. Vet couldnt see him today, just said to give him critical care and roughage. Now his back legs are limp and no vets are open. He sprawls on his belly...
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    Dutchess overgrown molars

    Dutchess just had her third tooth trimming by our vet yesterday. Am wondering what i can do in terms of prevention? It may be genetic. She also requires Rx medicine to move food through her system so it doesnt shut down. Vet has her on meloxicam for pain as well. Am giving her intensive care...
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    Dutchess not eating

    Dutchess not eating x 36 hours. Gave her Critical care and antigas liquids by syringe. Took her to vet . Has had teeth spurs trimmedtwice. Vet sees no tooth problems, said she is a little bloated. Is doing an xray. What might be wrong and what should i do? Is usuall avid eater of timothy hay...
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    Dutchess not eating

    Dutchess, our beloved lionhead, refused her treats today. Usually she grabs them. About six months ago, vet noticed a small molar spur but said he would recheck it in six months. Now, they only do drop offs due to covid 19. Canypt tell about her poop because she lives with another bunny, Arnold...
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    Flea treatment?

    just noticed that Arnold is covered with fleas. What is safe for bunnies? Am seeing vet tomorrow. We have been using Advantage for our cats but have read yjat Revolution is safer for bunnies. Or would diatomaceous earth or insect growth inhibitor be safer? Thank you.
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    Bonding bunnies!

    Dutchess and Arnold have been in adjoining cages for a long time. When i would put them together, Dutchess would bite Arnold. Now when i out them in a neutral area ( bathroom) Dutchess grooms Arnolds face which he really loves. Both are fixed. Eventually would like to house them together...