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  1. cookiesncream

    Unfamiliar with show rabbits. Anyone can judge my Holland Lop? Is it Brood quality at minimum?

    This is my pet Holland lop, the love of my live "Mbul". I'm not particularly interested in rabbit shows but curious about her "quality". I've read somewhere that smutty orange Holland Lop is unshowable. Mine is, but can anyone judge her by her head, body, and overall shape? I'm kinda curious...
  2. cookiesncream

    What color is this Netherland Dwarf?

    I'm planning on picking up this little guy but unsure about the color. The breeder said it's Chesnut but it's light in color and almost close to orange? I've browse some pictures online and unsure if it's fawn, fox, or lynx lol. Any idea guys? How drastic will he change color later on after molting?
  3. cookiesncream

    How common is a Holland Lop that's affectionate, give kisses (licks) often?

    One of my doe is like this. Very affectionate, give kisses often and overall an adorable attention seeker (she does not like to be hold tho). One of her kits is exactly like her. Another doe of mine gave birth to one with an overall same temperament albeit give kisses less often and seem...
  4. cookiesncream

    Nursing doe is currently showing nesting behavior after rebreeding. Is it okay for the current litter to stay in the same pen?

    My holland lop is currently on her second pregnancy. She gave birth to 2 kits on 6th May (1 didn't make it), and I rebreed her on 6th June (was this too soon?). Currently the first kit is healthy and well, but I'm worried that the doe is showing nesting behavior again 2 weeks prior to her next...
  5. cookiesncream

    Nursing Doe eat all the fur in its nest, babies are healthy so far

    My doe recently gave birth to 5 kits (only 4 survived so far RIP). Yesterday I noticed that all the fur in her nest box are gone. It was full before and the kits were buried underneath.i looked and looked everywhere and underneath her nest box, cage, and there's none left! I suspect that she...
  6. cookiesncream

    Is this kit overfed? Looks bloated and can't even crawl properly

    This kit was born from a litter of two, sadly the other kit didn't make it past labor. As a single kit will this be a problem? I'm afraid the worst could happen since other sources seem to tell overfeeding risks poisoning from the undigested milk. What to do guys?
  7. cookiesncream

    Doe sneezing when a buck comes near her to mate

    I have a doe that's a bit timid but calm and friendly enough. I tried to get her to mate with a buck of mine. They're around the same age (7-9 months) and healthy with no issues. I've tried to get them to mate before and it was successful, although the doe didn't conceive at first and second...
  8. cookiesncream

    When is the right time to start giving fenbendazole/panacur for rabbit showing symptoms of head tilt/paralysis?

    One of my Holland lop, around 4 months old is showing concerning symptoms that I suspect might be a start of head tilt. A few weeks ago after giving his daily 0.2 ml dose of Ivermectin for a mild scabies treatment (currently cured) he started to get dizzy, collapse, and when recovered start to...
  9. cookiesncream

    Bunny drinking 400-500 ml of water a day, is it excessive?

    My bun weigh 950 gram, 4 months old Jr. Buck Holland lop He eats hay and pellets well, playful and overall looks healthy It's just that he drinks so much, he seems to pee often too since I need to clean his litter each day from being too wet. Is it normal for such a little guy to drink 400 -...
  10. cookiesncream

    Baby bun nose bitten by an older bunny and bleeding. Will it recover/grow back?

    I got a baby bun 2 days ago and due to a minor oversight, while introducing him tk my room let him roam too close to an older bun's (around 3 months old) play pen, he got attacked and I assume got a bit of his nose ripped. I took him and didn't really check if there's an injury and put him in...
  11. cookiesncream

    Persistent poopy butt after eating pellets even in little portions

    I've been taking care of a Holland Lop aged around 2-3 months. I've noticed that every time I gave him pellets, even just a little (not more than 15-20 grams) a day in two serving time (morning and around evening) he always starts to have mushy poop/cecals. This is not the case for the other...