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  1. Space Monkey

    Freya is hospitalized

    She was finally spayed yesterday morning. All of her pre-op health checks were perfect. She is 4.4lbs (her breed tops out at 4.5lbs), all of her blood work is perfect, her organs are great, etc. The vet is rabbit savvy, with 6 exotic doctors specializing in different things, the only vet in the...
  2. Space Monkey

    Big changes coming for Freya. Advice needed.

    My parents are moving in with us this weekend. The only available room is the room that Freya has lived in for the year that we've had her (she was born in March of last year and we bought her a few months later in July). She will be moved out into the living room. The living room brings new...
  3. Space Monkey

    We're approaching 1 year. Still kinda winging it but she seems to love the ride.

    Miss Freya was bought at the fair as a 3.5 month old in July of 2021. We've learned a lot, but my Mini Satin still has the privilege of being owned by, well, me? Lol I love her
  4. Space Monkey

    About 3 months of no hay

    Disclaimer: This is about my rabbit and my rabbit only. You should follow professional and veterinarian recommendations and standards of care for your rabbit(s) as much as you possibly can. If your rabbit(s) is anything like mine, you might find some comfort here. ... I posted about this...
  5. Space Monkey

    I'm the only person who can clean our rabbit's pen

    Our Mini Satin, Freya, will be a year old next month! We've had her for 8 months now. She's such a sweet, gentle, loving girl. With one exception. DO NOT pick up her poop or touch her litter box. Only I can do that. She becomes a different rabbit all together. She will growl, nip, and sit in...
  6. Space Monkey

    Update on Freya: I'm done arguing with her about it!

    Freya is now 9 months old. As some of you might recall, we bought her in July at the State Fair. She had been eating Muesli. We moved her over to young rabbit pellets, and as she got a little older, adult rabbit pellets and leafy greens. We've tried a lot of different greens and she's generally...
  7. Space Monkey

    Hmmm. Not the reaction I would have expected if a food didn't agree with her.

    But I don't really know what I should have expected. Maybe diarrhea or outright rejecting the food. So Miss Freya has successfully eaten and enjoyed romaine lettuce, green leaf lettuce, dandelion greens, cilantro, mint, rosemary, and maybe something else I'm not thinking of at the moment...
  8. Space Monkey

    Red Dandelion Greens

    One of Freya's favorite greens is dandelion greens. She's had the regular green ones for awhile, but the last two times I've been to the fresh market they've only had what's labeled "red dandelion greens". The stem is reddish green. Are these safe for her?
  9. Space Monkey

    Clean up question and question about the adult transition

    I clean up my 5 months and 3 weeks old rabbit's cage, pen, and litter boxes every 2 to 3 days. A shop vac is involved, so I always entice her into a pet carrier with pellets and a treat to move her into another room while I do this so the noise of the shop vac doesn't freak her out, and so she...
  10. Space Monkey

    A new noise

    Freya hums a lot and honks when she's happy. Today I heard a new noise though. I went into her room and she was so excited to see me that should literally could not stop spinning in circles and was chirping like a bird. I've never heard the chirping noise before.
  11. Space Monkey

    "Hey, that's rude." *thumps*

    More Freya impatience when she hears the pellets open. The other day she jumped and kangaroo kicked the pen because I was taking too long. Tonight she heard the bag and started circling, stopping to thump impatiently. I stopped what I was doing, turned and looked at her and said, "hey, that's...
  12. Space Monkey

    So Freya is a kangaroo now

    She heard the pellets being opened this morning and I guess I was taking too long because she jumped and kicked the pen in mid air in-between running circles like a maniac.
  13. Space Monkey

    Feeding Schedule?

    Other than unlimited hay. Is there any fault with mine? I know I ask a lot about feeding, but diet and poops are so important and I always want to make sure I'm giving Freya the best opportunity to maintain good health. Morning: 1/8 cup of pellets and 1 cup of leafy greens. Afternoon: 1/16 cup...
  14. Space Monkey

    It's funny how you learn a lot about what's best for your rabbit that you would have never thought at the beginning.

    This is regarding her hay eating habits and pooping. When we first got her we had the typical generic small hay rack that she would have to eat out of through the cage wires. This wasn't going well so we put hay directly in her litter box in a large pile off to one side. This was okay-ish but...
  15. Space Monkey

    Who needs a shower or a hairstylist when I have a rabbit?

    One of Freya's favorite hobbies is grooming the people she loves, particularly myself. What can I say? I have a way with animals. She starts at the hands until she reaches the face. Around the eyes must need special attention because she spends a long time licking there. Then she moves onto the...
  16. Space Monkey

    I'm a little confused. Feeding instructions + vet handout vs internet and forum information.

    The Oxbow Essentials Young Rabbit Alfalfa Pellets my 5 month old rabbit eats says to feed in unlimited quantities until a year old. A handout the vet gave us recommend this very food with the same "until one year old" instructions, and then other Oxbow foods for adult rabbits. The internet and...
  17. Space Monkey

    Has it always been known that you shouldn't give rabbits dairy?

    21 years ago my brother and I stumbled upon some baby cottontails on the walk home from school. In the innocence and stupidity of our youth, we gathered them up and took them home. Mom was naturally upset. For one, we brought wild animals into the house, and for two, she was upset that they...
  18. Space Monkey

    Miss Freya is definitely the Siamese version, right?
  19. Space Monkey

    Freya seems off

    She's a bunny that likes to poop absolutely everywhere in her room. She's only 5 months old and we haven't even had her a month yet. Today I changed her litter box that she primarily uses for peeing and cleaned up all the droppings in the room. This was 4 hours ago. There isn't a single dropping...
  20. Space Monkey

    Bunny Ebola

    I'm reading about RHDV2. The hemorrhagic bunny virus. We're located in Indiana. I'm seeing where outbreaks are known or have occurred a state over in Ohio. Our property is a wild rabbit paradise. It's basically a jungle and attracts all sorts of wildlife, especially rabbits. We have adults and...