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  1. Blue eyes

    Arizona sunset - just sharing

    Green grass!! What a lovely sight, lol!! 😁
  2. Blue eyes

    How to stop rabbit biting and moving ex-pen

    You are correct that rabbits should not be bathed, though no one here suggested that. The mention of putting a rabbit in a bathtub was referring to a dry bathtub. Some people, for example, may use a dry bathtub as a bonding area when trying to bond 2 rabbits. Nevertheless, this is an old...
  3. Blue eyes

    Adopting a rabbit :3

    Stored dry and dark, hay can keep up to a year (or more). A full bale, used generously, can provide enough hay for 2 rabbits for about 8 months.
  4. Blue eyes

    Worried about rabbits poop

    Zoomies are great. However you'll want him litter trained at the very least-- especially for free roaming and that means confining him in a space with a litter box until his litter habits are fully established. With rabbits, it is much easier to train them right from the start rather than to...
  5. Blue eyes

    Adopting a rabbit :3

    That hay will work as well as the prior one and is a fine choice. It's just crazy expensive in my opinion. Have you tried Googling for "feed stores" in your city/surrounding? There should be plenty in your state. They will carry both hay and likely those pellets as well (sold as pellet bedding...
  6. Blue eyes

    Hi there

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Blue eyes

    Worried about rabbits poop

    No fruit of any kind at this age. He's too young for that. Do you know if the pellets you are feeding are the same type he had been eating before? Changes in pellet type or brand should be done gradually by mixing the "old" type with the new. Those are misshapen poos but not diarrhea. No need...
  8. Blue eyes

    Adopting a rabbit :3

    The following page on that same site gives a list of what to have (minimally) as an emergency/first-aid kit for a rabbit. You shouldn't need the clear tubes in that syringe kit you linked. Just the syringe part like these. Also, the hay you...
  9. Blue eyes

    Adopting a rabbit :3

    Be sure not to miss how to prepare before bringing a rabbit home... what you need to get from the shelter people (in case they forget) and what to have setup at home before bringing him/her home. Also, even a free roaming rabbit...
  10. Blue eyes

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Blue eyes

    Outdoor Winter Coat - Baby Holland Lops

    The bigger issue is what may happen when those hormones kick in. If they are outdoors, you won't be there to see them (and stop them) if they suddenly turn on each other. This can happen (even with siblings) when hormones take over. Rabbits can inflict serious injury to another rabbit or even...
  12. Blue eyes

    wood pellets for litter

    No need to add water to the pellets. They will break down when the rabbit pees on them.
  13. Blue eyes

    wood pellets for litter

    Those are perfect. Remember they expand so very little is needed.
  14. Blue eyes

    Bonded bunnies / Separate spaces

    If rabbits can't share a living space or need separate pens, then they are not bonded. Bonded bunnies not only can but must share the same spaces. If they have to live separately then they are not bonded. Just wanted to clarify that since I wasn't sure if I was understanding correctly. As for...
  15. Blue eyes

    Feeding bunnies pellets

    Do they have unlimited hay? What type of "veggies" and how much? I am trying to understand your post. Do you have 5 rabbits? Are they fixed? Outdoor or indoor? What type/brand of pellets do you feed?
  16. Blue eyes

    Christmas tree for bunnies

    I don't think it would be a good idea for a rabbit to have full access to a real tree. The needles can be quite sharp and could poke an eye or worse. Spruce has especially rigid and sharp needles. You mention spruce or "pine" but pine is a super general term. There are many different types of...
  17. Blue eyes

    New Flemish Giant Bunny Mom - Question on coloring

    How is Hurricane Ian where you are? Hope all are safe.
  18. Blue eyes

    Goatee Loke

    Aaaww! What a snuggle kitty!
  19. Blue eyes

    Hello there =)

  20. Blue eyes


    Asking questions on this forum is a good way to get consensus-type answers from real rabbit owners. 🤗 So it's wonderful to have you join us. (There is plenty of misleading info about rabbits out there on Google.) It's refreshing to come across people like you who like to research before...