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  1. samoth

    Christmas tree for bunnies

    I get small live Christmas trees for my rabbits every Christmas. The doe loves them, but as they're in 8" high pots, I have to cut high branches off for her to eat after she mows off the bottom branches.
  2. samoth

    Need help finding a hidey house!

    Ikea Hols are huge in Europe & Scandinavia. I imported a couple and my rabbits love them. I see a couple US sellers (that I've never heard of) in the Google search shopping link for a really cheap price & free shipping.
  3. samoth

    Pet nicknames

    Fermi = Ferball Bose = Boser. (Also goes by the names of "GET DOWN FROM THERE!" and "STOP CHEWING THAT!")
  4. samoth

    Why do my rabbits clean themselves after being handled?

    Same after I'm done petting my rabbits for an extended time. I'm pretty sure they're cleaning all the filthy human germs off of them. (They can see that we never lick ourselves clean!)
  5. samoth

    Bunny proofing.. help needed.

    My buck claimed underneath my bed as his territory. I put a large cheap rug under the entire bed to prevent him from chewing carpet -- he's not destructive underneath there otherwise. If I try to block off my bedroom, he will dig & chew to no end to get back into his territory. In my case, it...
  6. samoth

    How can i pick my rabbit up if he doesn’t like being picked up?

    I gave up trying to pick mine up. It wasn't working well for any of us. If I'm transporting to the vet, I'll chase them (they thump-run the second they see the carrier) into a corner & scoot them into the carrier. They know the drill by now, but they still don't make it easy for me. If I need...
  7. samoth

    Peeing outside of litter box

    I put rugs & puppy pads around litter boxes when mine do this. The only real solution I found was to put larger and more litter boxes in that area. They seem to like that, even though they only use one litterbox 95% of the time. It must be a territorial thing or something.
  8. samoth

    Argh- rabbits are expensive

    I spend around $20/week on greens from the grocery store for a pair of rabbits, so $1k/year there. All other rabbit costs, including boarding and vet care, are pretty consistent at around $2k/year. That puts me at $3k/year, all-in. When people ask me about costs for keeping rabbits, I always...
  9. samoth

    Allergic to hay, any way around this??

    I've had allergies my entire life (grass, pollen, fur, &c.), and orchard hay doesn't affect me at all.
  10. samoth

    Can my baby learn to walk on hardwood floors?

    I can't speak for young rabbits, but with my two adults, one learned to adapt quickly, and one has maintained a lifelong avoidance of hardwoods. For areas I'd like them to easily travel, I place long rugs.
  11. samoth

    Any budget friendly rabbit items?

    Newspaper. I crumple it up inside some enclosures and they love to go to town on it -- it gives them something to dig that's not my carpet, too!
  12. samoth

    Taking my rabbit to the vet

    I always transport both. It helps for the drive, too -- they both hate being in the car, but being in the car together makes it easier for them to deal with the stress.
  13. samoth


    I recently was prescribed meloxicam for my arthritic senior 9yo bun. It made a huge difference -- way more than I had expected. I'm generally not a fan of supplements, whether for humans or animals. If there's a real medical condition, I prefer real medication. Also, generic meds tend to be...
  14. samoth

    Teddy's Turf!

    I'm not sure about attaching, but I buy floor rugs on sale from a local Wal-Mart or Meijers type store. One of my rabbits loves to dig, and anything she can pull up she absolutely will :)
  15. samoth

    Is there color testing for rabbits?

    I don't have a background in genetics, but I picked up an interesting (intro-level) book on the rabbit color genetics some years ago: ABC About Bunny Colors
  16. samoth

    Any tips for a very active and easily bored rabbit?

    Does he have places he can explore & chew? If he's alone, does his environment provide him with anyting to do/explore/chew/claim as his own? My doe's similar, but not quite as extreme as yours. I have willow tents, a tunnel haven, a cottontail cottage, a 2-story maze haven, & three Ikea Hols...
  17. samoth

    What are some rabbit safe area mats/ rugs?

    I use cheap rubber-backed rugs from a local store on both my carpeted and hardwood areas. They will get chewed, but I've never had issues with them being consumed. Rabbits are going to chew, and inside the house, there's no practical way to keep *everything* from never being chewed -- I guess I...
  18. samoth

    suggestions on flooring for carpet

    Most of my house is carpeted, and my doe loves to munch carpet. I use cheap rugs (with the rubber backing) from a local store and put them on top of the carpet. I won't get any points for aethetics, but they work; and if they get chewed, I just replace them.
  19. samoth

    Wilmington, DE - rabbit-friendly rentals?

    I'm in Michigan, but from my experience here, it's a combination of (1) lessors wanting to limit real or perceived damage from "exotic" pets (people can have some pretty weird animals as pets, and not everyone's a responsible pet caretaker), and (2) making exceptions for majorities (dog & cat...
  20. samoth

    Not using litterbox - help!

    Agreed. Rabbits like to choose their own bathroom areas, and sometimes they change locations for reasons unbeknownst to us humans. Also: maybe she doesn't like being "trapped" in a box while eliminating. As prey animals, they tend to want multiple excape routes at all times.