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  1. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for banning them for banning themselves.
  2. ArtistChibi

    Put your funniest bunny pictures down below!

    Erlong claiming Loki as her squishy. Loki flopped so hard, he was on his back, fast asleep. Loki sitting in their food bowl Xiao Wu stopping me from returning to work after my break. (Before Shen's passing.)
  3. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for not thinking of anything else to ban.
  4. ArtistChibi

    Any Trustworthy Rabbit Savvy Vets in Kerry?

    My pleasure to be of assistance.
  5. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for the adorable drawing of bunnies as your PFP.
  6. ArtistChibi

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Yes. Erlong is our tripod bunny. She's a lionhead (possibly mix), and she begins sneezing about 5-6 times in a row. She hasn't been doing it since it has been raining almost nonstop for two weeks now and pollen count dropped because of it. But I fear it may start up again once the fall season...
  7. ArtistChibi

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    It could be allergies. Erlong begins sneezing when pollen count is high in my area. I suffer the same issue (due to pollen allergy). Whereas Xiao Wu and Loki do not have this issue. Hopefully the vet can figure it out for you and prescribe the appropriate medications, if needed.
  8. ArtistChibi

    Any Trustworthy Rabbit Savvy Vets in Kerry?

    This is what I found for a quick search on Google, but I cannot promise they are rabbit savvy for spaying. Hopefully, you find a vet who can help you.
  9. ArtistChibi

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    They're probably very busy. Do you have a high pollen count right now in your area?
  10. ArtistChibi

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Yeah. That's sneezing. My Holland Lop, Tu'er Shen, used to have sneezing fits. But since he wasn't producing any discharge, he was safe to wait for his vet appointment. He was given antibiotics, which helped a lot. So did making sure he didn't accidentally get a piece of hay stuck up his nose...
  11. ArtistChibi

    Sneezing (thymoma found as cause)

    Just watch her and make sure she's not producing anything. Check her paws (suggested by my vet when I was waiting for Shen's appointment when he was around). Because, as you would see, she cleans herself after sneezing. So definitely check. If nothing on her paws, nose/eyes/mouth, she should be...
  12. ArtistChibi

    Daisy died

    I'm truly sorry for the loss. Judging by location, I would suspect either the trip itself or RHDV. Was Daisy eating before being let outside? There's also the bit about the "sod". As mentioned before because it's pretreated when purchased. Can an autopsy be performed by a certified pet coroner...
  13. ArtistChibi

    Can you spot the mistake?

    Pretty sure they're meaning in the image.....
  14. ArtistChibi

    Sorry for not being around much

    No need to apologize. It's hard losing a pet so close to you. I'm sorry for the loss.
  15. ArtistChibi

    What is this lettuce and is it safe for my rabbit?

    That looks like red leaf lettuce. If it is, it is safe for your bunnies.
  16. ArtistChibi

    Jessica Rabbit

    Welcome to the forums. A lot of us who are new are just learning, too. Glad you took up the mantle of giving her a loving home.
  17. ArtistChibi

    Can you spot the mistake?

    The brain sure loves to play tricks on people. Took a couple seconds. XD
  18. ArtistChibi

    The ban game

    I ban you for pointing out that Vegas heat is dreadful!
  19. ArtistChibi

    concerned or not?

    Loki's butt twitches when we give him a banana. So, we started calling the long yellow things "Bunny butt twitch fuel".
  20. ArtistChibi

    How common is a Holland Lop that's affectionate, give kisses (licks) often?

    Quick Google search shows Holland Lops are friendly, attention seeking types. So not so uncommon. I'm no expert. I had a Holland Lop mix named Tu'er Shen. He was a MASSIVE lover bunny. Would purposely hop onto my lap and sit there, licking my shirt for a good 15 minutes to an hour. He passed...