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    What Antibiotics To Use?

    Hi, I have a friend who's bunny has pasterella (sp?), with sneezing, leaky eyes and nose. It's been getting worse the past 6 months. The bunny has been on different antibiotics in the past. He's had it as long as she's had him...she adopted him from someone at the age of 2 he's now 8. The 2...

    7 Years on 09-15-2013 I've had my Babies

    Can you believe it everyone, that it will be 7 years on 9-15-2013 that Haley dropped off Winston and Vega to me. My gosh where does the time. Vega is the Sweetheart of Bunnies, she is so laid back. Winston is Winston, he hates to held or touched (unless it is Vega), You kinda wonder what...

    Daisy Mae, Winston & Vega

    Hello Everyone, All 3 of my Babies are doing well, Daisy Mae will be 8 (Gotcha Day) in October. Winston & Vega`s Gotcha Day will be 7. Not sure how old they were when they came to me. Daisy Mae Hopefully these links worked. Winston & Vega`s pictures too follow. Enjoy

    I love bunnies.......

    Can you tell? This is my car!! Susan

    Bunny In Pickering ON (NOT MINE)

    TO ALL MY BUNNY LOVING FRIENDS IN SOUTHERN ONTARIO: Hi, my Bunny Sitter (Becky) called me today (01-06-13). She was at one of her clients' trimming a bunnies nails today. The bunny (male, lop, unneutered) 1 year old. It was her client's daughters bunny, she is at University (according to...

    Threrapy Rabbits (in Canada)

    Hi I was asked by someone I know who has Rabbits and would like them to become Therapy Rabbits. This person is a Social Worker who wants to bring her Rabbits to the Agencey she works at for Therapeutic purposes. Does anyone know the process she needs to go through to make the animal into a...

    What Colour Is Vega

    Hican someine tell me what Vega's colour is called?I'm sure someone mentioned it years agobut I forget, it's an age thing this forgetfullness.:biggrin: Thanks Susan & Vega:)

    Pure Joy Winston & Vega's 6th Gotcha Day

    Today is 6 years that I have been Blessed to have Winston & Vega in my life. They bring me joy everday. The complete innocence of pets, the love they give to you also. I count today as their Birthday as I adobted them from the States. I must thank all the wonderful peoplefromRO who helped...

    My Beautiful Jackie....One Year today.........

    You left for thr Rainbow Bridge :rainbow: to join your Big Little Brother Buttercup:bunnyangel2:. Even though you and Wilbur didn't live with me for your last year, your passing left a huge hole in my heart. Go find Buttercup and go run through the Meadows at the Rainbow Bridge:rainbow...

    One Year Today........

    My Beautiful Buttercup :bunnyangel2:made his final journey to the Rainbow Bridge:rainbow:. His crossing to the Rainbow Bridge :rainbow:left a Huge hole in my Heart:heartbeat:. Thanks to Buttercup:bunnyangel2: I have a Love for Bunnies. He truly was one of a kind, the most affectionate bunny...

    My Bunny Sketches

    I had an Artist from BC Canada sketch my bunnies for me. She donated her fee to a Rabbit shelter in BC. I am so thrilled with the end product. I have to get frames soon and hang them in my living room. Enjoy Susan:)

    Website to Calculate Dosage of Medication

    I remember a while back someone posted a link for a website to calculate the doseages of medication to give a bunny. I just did a search (on here)and what came up on the search did nothing when I clicked on it. Does anyone know what the link is? Thanks Susan

    Ignore Button

    Hi, I accidentaly hit the Ignore buttom on a post. I went back and clicked again but it still says "You have choosen to ignore My June Angel" HELP I don't want to ignore her. I'don't know how to get her back. Thanks Susan:?:confused2::shock:


    I'd like to wish all my fellow Canadians :Canada small:a very Happy Canada Day.:Canada small: Daisy Mae & Buttercup (RIP) Daisy Mae Buttercup (RIP) Hugs Susan & The Gang:big kiss:

    New Oxbow Pellets

    Has anyone tried these new pellets? They look good (well for bunnies hee hee). I've got to see if my Pet store can get them for me. Thanks Susan:) This is the write up about them. Natural Science™ Adult Food Oxbow This product is not intended for growing, active, pregnant or...

    Steal Cut Oats

    Are Steal Cut Oats ok to feed rabbits? A friend of mine couldn't find the regular Quaker Oats at the store she was shoping at. Thanks Susan:)

    Vega Having Excess Cecals

    Can anyone advise me why they think Vega is having excess Cecals? A couple of weeks ago she seemed not to be feeling good, tummy was gurgling alot. I gave her some Ovol, this seemed to help. Since then she has has alot of cecals, boy what a mess she makes with them too smearing them every...

    Blocked Eye Duck

    What does it mean if a rabbit has a blocked eye duck? What can be done for it? Thanks for your help. Susan:)

    What Breed is Darth

    Hi a friend of mine adopted this bunny today. He is around 3 years old weighs 4.5 pounds. What breed is he? Thanks for your help. Susan:)

    Dislocated Shoulder (Not Mine)

    I need some info here for my friend. Is it possible for a bunny to have a dislocated shoulder? If so what would the symptoms be? Thanks Susan