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  1. jamesewaller

    Orange pee?

    dear ali siewert,-the urine from rabbits can change color,-carrots can cause a temporary change,-rabbits are strictly herbivours,ie.grass eaters,{timothy/orchard}-mandatory for teeth and gi tract,--vegys are merely treats..the important thing is recognizing that it is temporary not a medical...
  2. jamesewaller

    Rabbit bottom biting!

    dear kasb,--spaying{surgery}-for a bun is no fun,--watch the stitches,donot get pulled out--,fur grows back fast,did the dvm offer meatacam for pain??-sincerely james waller
  3. jamesewaller

    Rabbit bottom biting!

    dear megan151,-sounds territorial,-may have to place a fence between them and supervise,sorry they can inflict nasty wounds,sincerely james waller
  4. jamesewaller

    Torn Ligament

    dear msdesiree05,-was there a radiograph{xray}taken,but the we are talking soft tissue damage,-what did the dvm offer/metacam??-sounds like a rear leg,perhaps from jumping-??-perhaps-keep thing very close to minimize need for movement./coban wrap??-.,caution-when surprised or scared rabbits rear...
  5. jamesewaller


    dear lavendertealatte,--once upon a time I organic gardened,-the bunz provided the fertilizer-the poop boxes were of timothy grasses/poop,-worked great-sincerely james waller
  6. jamesewaller

    Peanut or Runt

    dear elbee,-great job-,the main thing here is acceptance by mom,-keep an eye on him,everyone deserves to live,-sincerely james waller
  7. jamesewaller

    Bunny's poop has turned bright green!

    dear m.bunny,-thank you for taking in this disguarded bun,-however-the bun has health concerns,- an exam from a exotic-dvm is best asap,--guess work is where we are at now,.sincerely james waller
  8. jamesewaller

    Uv lights

    dear jenny during,-thank you for the website,-though one picture doesnot tell the whole story, I am curious where the bunz sleep,they are nocturnal animals,there doesnot appear to be any place to hide,..i trust this is not just a uv radiation light test-,they will go blind...sincerely james waller
  9. jamesewaller

    How do I know if a vet is ‘rabbit savvy’?

    dear sandybunny1989,-yes,i agree-however exotoic dvm,s seem to be few and far between,-in a lot of exotic-dvm was 34 miles away,she moved the practice too far away,so I was back to the regular animal dvm,but at least I knew this vets limitations,and-i utilized him for .blood...
  10. jamesewaller

    Uv lights

    dear tilly 100,-welcome to r.o.l.:-broad spectrum lighting,-absolute must,especially indoor-and quality pellets,ie".purina rabbit chow complete"-my facility has power,water,-light,heating,ventilation,air conditioning,medical e-r,-{hvac}-the building is a solarium -10 ft.,cathederal ceiling-16...
  11. jamesewaller

    What Hay?

    dear theo,-yes,-find your nearest farm supply store,get a 50-100lb.bale of timothy,orchard,grasses,--but donot ask for hay-you will get bedding for farm animals..yellow straw hay,-we,ll that's what I got,learned the hard way -,hay is just a general term..we have compressed bales here about...
  12. jamesewaller

    Bicillin and Zythromax for Dental Abcess?!

    dear j-bun-I thought flagyl{metrondiazole}-was for dental infections-,i did not want to add to rocky,s misery,--{ gitract is always vulnerable with antibiotics}-I know you are aware of this fact-,i am praying for him.,-sincerely james waller
  13. jamesewaller

    Bicillin and Zythromax for Dental Abcess?!

    --dear jenny during,-the question here is-can rocky make the 3 hour trip,-if so,go..-this will provide you with some hope that something can still be done...-sadly you are at a crossroads that I have encountered-many times,-I have heard it all..-we are the stewarts of our critters-,first in line...
  14. jamesewaller

    New bunny has URI

    dear cwebster,--I understand,-{when you have time}, ,it helped me with very tough questions--sincerely james waller
  15. jamesewaller

    Bicillin and Zythromax for Dental Abcess?!

    -dear jenny durling,-I presented your post/,concerns to the administrator-hopefully they can direct you.--I do have more questions-sincerely james waller
  16. jamesewaller

    New bunny has URI

    dear popsicles,-you are correct-,and worse yet vaccines are not offered or advised-in these united states..sincerely james waller
  17. jamesewaller

    New bunny has URI

    dear cwebster,-glad to hear the dvm did a nasal culture,-I am not aware the feline calici-is transferable-to rabbits,or was this just a health concern.-sincerely james waller
  18. jamesewaller

    Bicillin and Zythromax for Dental Abcess?!

    --dear jenny,--you are in California,issues with the teeth require an exam,facial radiograph,some gas,and etc.-,if there is an abcess flagyl,-something is not right here--maybe time for another-dvm exam,,drooling is generaly dental issues,sneezing maybe pasturella,must test,--sincerely james...
  19. jamesewaller

    Sore Hocks...HELP!

    dear Helen Thomas,-are these hocks with or without sores-??-feet can be lightly wrapped with {co-ban}self adhesive wrap,and if there are open sores,-wash/dry feet add betadine,bactine,,Neosporin,and wrap,--the antibiotic may serve only to disrupt the intestinal flora,making things a lot...
  20. jamesewaller

    Help ! is this mushy night poop ? or diarrhea ?

    dear browniefuzzylop,,sounds like a keeper,-please post when possible,-sincerely james waller