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  1. Shinitai

    Ways to get involved with rabbits?

    So, it’s been about half a year since I became a slave to had realized my newfound adoration for the rabbit species, during which time I’ve gotten to meet a very pretty Dwarf Hotot belonging to a close friend, watched plenty of adorable videos on YouTube, and taken the time to read as many...
  2. Shinitai

    Is it a good idea to try and attract wild rabbits?

    Greetings, There are a few wild rabbits in my area, not many, but I’ll see one every now and then. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to plant a garden full of plants such as basil or mint in the yard to try and attract some of them. I wouldn’t want to take them and keep them as pets...
  3. Shinitai

    Is it a good idea to rescue a meat rabbit?

    Greetings, I'd like to hear from those who were more knowledgeable, is it a good idea to rescue a live rabbit that would have otherwise been bought for meat, and raise it as a pet? Thank you for the input.
  4. Shinitai

    Is it a good idea to take a rabbit for walks?

    For the past three weeks or so I've been reading nonstop about rabbit care, and I'd like to think that I've learned quite a bit, but one thing I can't seem to find a general consensus on is taking bunnies out for walks. From what I've seen on my small college campus, the few pet bunnies around...
  5. Shinitai

    Where’s the best place to find a Havana rabbit, and where would the best place be to find a white rabbit?

    Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun here, but I wanted to know where the best place would be to adopt certain rabbits! Please note that I’m just asking some preliminary questions so that I know where to go when the time comes. I’m very new to the rabbit world, and it will most likely be a very...
  6. Shinitai

    Greetings from an aspiring rabbit owner!

    I just registered here after finding out about this place a couple of days ago, and I figured I'd make an introduction thread. A bit about me, I'm 19 years old and in college, and I'm from New York. I've always loved animals of all sorts - I was never treated very well by my peers in school...