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  1. Emmi and Emit

    Bunny sexing

    No problem! A males genitals are more round than a females. Almost like a pin had poked a hole into their parts.
  2. Emmi and Emit

    Bunny sexing

    I believe you have a female, not a male.
  3. Emmi and Emit

    Emmi and Emits Pinterest account

    If any of you have Pinterest go follow emmi and emit! I edit pics of your buns/ other pets if you send me pics and their name I also will put that on the picture. Send me requests either here or on Pinterest and I’ll get them back to you as soon as I can.I also make collages if you have multiple...
  4. Emmi and Emit

    New Bunny!

    Awe very cute!
  5. Emmi and Emit

    Pee color?

    Ok, so the color has changed and is now back to normal. Hoping it was just food pigment.
  6. Emmi and Emit

    Bunny’s water bowl

    I have this happen all the time! I hate it and clean the water dishes daily to make sure they stay clean.